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September is Hunger Action Month!

Join your community in giving a little of yourself...food, time or money. Help Feeding America give hope to those in need and raise awareness about the issue of hunger. Visit their site and find the Feeding America food bank that serves your local community.

In the Missouri and Kansas region you can visit Harvesters to see a calendar of upcoming events and to learn several different ways how you can help.

Every $1 donated, Harvesters can provide five meals! Skip one $4 latte and feed 20 hungry children.


  1. Harvesters has always been one of my favorite causes. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I like how the money is distributed! No administration is getting fat from the donations if you know what I mean! AND they have so many different ways to donate.

    The food drive barrels, the little coupons you can give to cashiers at Price Chopper, volunteering time, etc.