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CVS 101

After posting the $10 CVS gift card giveaway, I received a lot of questions regarding how to get great deals at CVS. If you havnt entered the giveaway, go HERE!

I could spend a couple of hours and write out a CVS 101, but I'm going to direct you to the places I found my answers when I was a newbie starting out. The ladies who have taken the time to put together these tutorials have spent a lot of time on them and done a great job. So please visit them, read their tutorials and you'll be into the CVS shopping game in no time.

Money Saving Mom: "Since I’ve mentioned some of the CVS deals for the week here, there have been a lot of readers who have emailed in with questions on how CVS works. I spent a good few hours researching how to “do” CVS when I first began and sometimes forget how complex it can seem when you first start out!

For those of you who are still trying to figure things out, what follows is a CVS 101Primer".... continued HERE

Couponing 101: "This is a simple (hopefully) guide to shopping at CVS for those who are unsure of how this whole CVS thing works!" continued HERE

Once you have those read then be sure to visit Erica at i heart cvs. She posts the actual ad scans (sometimes the ads will vary region to region though). This way you can see in advance what is coming out in the ads and do some planning ahead and coupon trading. Here is a link to her cvs for newbies.

REMEMBER: Start slow, start small.

Every week on Sundays, Alyssa from Keeping The Kingdom First hosts the $5 CVS Challenge. Visit there and see what $5 scenarios everyone shares. There is something for everyone.

Little Debbie Thank You $5 Magazine Subscriptions

Little Debbie Snacks can always be found at our house. For 17 years I've bought Little Debbies for hubby's lunch. His favorite is the Peanut Butter Crunch Bars. What's your favorite Little Debbie?

Little Debbie Snacks is thanking their customers with $5 Magazine Subscriptions!

There are 5 magazines to choose from. Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Parents, Ladies Home Journal and Siempre Mujer.

HURRY! This exclusive Thank You Offer for Little Debbie lovers won't last long!


Precious' Money Saving Challenge

Be sure to visit Precious' blog to read more on her Money Saving Challenge.

I kept all lights off today and used natural light. I try to do this everyday, but yesterday was dark and cloudy so I used one lamp (with a cfl bulb) to read by.

I have only used my stove once this week to cook 4 fried steak burgers tonight. Other nights the outdoor wood burning grill/smoker, microwave or deep fryer was used.

We've been eating a lot of fresh veggies from our garden fixed a variety of ways this week, so no cooking required... yeah for me! Hubby loves Pico de Gallo and eats it with tortilla chips or on his meats. I also enjoy it all ways including plain as a type of salad! I also made cucumber & onion salad. One night I fried tons of okra. The two salads, okra, a burger and some cheese and crackers makes light frugal dinners for hubby and I. We've also ate leftover baked ziti.

I put hubbies filthy work shirts in a plastic tub with free oxi clean and water on the deck table in the sun. I let them soak there for two days. The hot sun does such a great job of heating the water up and boosting the cleaning power of the oxi clean.

I ran my dishwasher today. A FULL load and I do not use the dry cycle.

A load of throw rugs was washed in cold water and hung on porch railing to dry. Shower curtain was also washed and then rehung wet to dry on its own.

Fed 5 cats everyday with FREE Purina kitten food. Two of these cats are our indoor pets. The other three are ferrel type cats we inherited when we bought our home 4 years ago.

Fed my two poodles with FREE mighty dog can food. Have I ever told you I love coupons for FREE pet food?

Mail received so far this week: All You magazine, Mother Earth News, Womans Day and Family Circle. All these mags were free subscriptions except All You and it was a deeply discounted subscription.

Clipped some coupons.

I also received the Digiorno Flatbread Melt Free coupon in the mail yesterday. Guess when it expired? July 24, 2009. Wonder what's up with the postal service? geesh Did any of you receive this coupon after it was expired?


CVS Gift Card Giveaway

My readers all know that I love playing the "drugstore game" and that my favorite store is CVS with Walgreens coming in second.

So to kick off some exciting giveaways I have lined up for the month of August to celebrate my 2nd blogaversary, I wanted to give away a CVS $10 gift card! $10 at CVS if you know how to play, can snag you quite a bit of goodies.

Make sure each entry has it's own comment or they won't count individually. You can enter up to 3 times; one for each listed below. Here is how to enter.......

1. Leave a comment about CVS. It can be your favorite CVS shopping tip, your best shopping trip, a great deal coming up, customer service, or anything you would like to share with all of us. Remember you MUST do this first or your extra entries will be invalid.

2. Write about this giveaway on your own site, then leave a separate comment with a link to your post.

3. Tweet about my giveaway on Twitter, leave the link in comments. Remember! You MUST do #1 AND #2 before doing this for an extra entry.

Entry deadline: Monday, August 3, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. CDT.

I'll use Random.org to generate a number that corresponds with the winning comment. The winners will be announced here, Tuesday August 4, 2009.

The winner will have 48 hours to email me to claim the prize; otherwise a new winner will be randomly selected.

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Good luck!


CVS Shopping

I will be announcing the first of my Blogiversary Month giveaways later today. Don't miss it!

If you still have any of the $1 Coke printable coupons that were available a couple of months ago now is a good time to use them. After coupons and the $3 ECB you will receive makes them $1.50 a 12 pack.

The shelf was marked $17.99 for the camera battery. I didnt realize it until I got home but it rang up $9.99. Now I'm wondering why they were able to take the $5 off $30 since my total wasnt over $30. Do you have any ideas? The register didn't beep or anything.

Transaction 1
4 12pks Coke $13
1 Palmolive .88
1 Lithium camera battery $17.99 ($9.99)

4 $1 Coke coupons
1 .25 Palmolive coupon
1 CVS $5 off $30 coupon

Total OOP $14.62 (plus tax)
Recvd $3 ECB back

Transaction 2

2 index card holders $1.98
2 Pilot pens $1.98
1 Colgate $2.88

Total OOP $6.84 (plus tax)
Recvd $1.98, $1.98 and $2.00 ECB back.

I forgot to use my $1 coupon for the colgate! errrrr I was mentally still on the first transaction trying to figure out in my head why my total was so low, there were people stacking up behind me, and the cashier was bound and determined I was going to use my $3 ECB off the first transaction for this one.

Do you ever have trips like this?


Garden Fresh Pico de Gallo

This morning I sat staring at so many tomatoes picked from my garden last night. I have cherries, grapes and regular tomatoes and decided I better make some Pico de Gallo.

We were also able to pick a half a dozen jalapeno peppers. The plants are doing better this year than any other year I've ever tried to grow them which is exciting for my husband and I. We cook with jalapenos alot.

So I cut some fresh cilantro (it's also doing great for me this year... that's a first also!) and got to chopping.

Here's how I threw it together. Pico de Gallo is a very forgiving dish. I rarely end up making it the same way due to what and how much of the veggies are available out of our garden. I did leave out garlic this time and decided I like it without garlic better.

How is everyone elses garden growing? Have you made any tomatoe sauce, salsa, or canned anything yet?

3 cups grape tomatoes, seeded and chopped (can use plum or romas also)
1 cup finely chopped onion
3 jalapeno peppers, finely chopped
2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantro
2 tablespoon lime juice
salt and pepper, to taste

Combine ingredients in a glass or other non-reactive bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.


One man's trash is another man's treasure!

According to Basic Rug Hooking by Alice Beaty & Mary Sargent: "The pioneers practiced the old New England proverb "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" by hooking bits and pieces of wool into foundation fabrics to make bed and floor coverings. The lives of articles of clothing, sometimes more difficult to acquire than food and shelter, could be extended in this way."

I wanted to share my latest decorating project with you. I'm almost done redecorating in our parlor. I'm still working on our living room where the new couch went too.

I found this chair in the trash over a year ago. It's been sitting in the corner looking really sad. The seat of it had been recovered in denim, which really didnt go with the green wash on the wood or the mint green chairs already in there. So I decided to recover the seat so it would fit in better.

I went to my craft room and dug this skirt out that I bought last year at a garage sale for .25. When I bought it, I didn't know what I was going to do with it, I only knew I loved the material. The colors and pattern were so cool and refreshing to me. As soon as I seen it this morning I knew it would be perfect in the parlor.

When I removed the denim I found the batting was probably about 50+ years old and needed some help. So I went back to my craft room and dug out a twin size fluffy mattress pad cover. I had dug the cover out of the trash because I thought it was a full size for my sons bed. It has been sitting waiting paitently to have something done with it.

Twenty minutes later and my sad little chair was singing like a canary. I'm so happy with my .25 chair!

Here's a bigger view of the room. The majority of this room has came from the trash.

Trash finds: Both pictures on the wall and the sconce (they both have shades of green in them including the mint green that I love), the floor lamp between the "new" chair and fireplace, the little footstool in front of the chair, the white pillar thingy to the left of the chair (can't remember what they are called), the scarf under the birdhouse and clock are left over from the skirt, the antique turquoise ink well and medicine bottles, the white butterfly house, the shoe shine box on the hearth, the glass top antique table between both chairs and the throw rug under the two winged chairs.

My sister purchased the fireplace for my birthday from a thrift shop for $15.

I bought the two wing back chairs came from a garage sale for $15 a piece.

I bought the birdhouse from Hobby Lobby on discount for $4.99.

The clock was bought from a thrift store for $9 by my father. I stole it from him. lol

These are the last two chairs in the room. Both were found in the trash. It's really sad that the little rocker was made for someone, their name is engraved in the back, and they threw it away. I'll make a new cushion for it and maybe a cover for the other one that is so popular now a days and then the room will be done... no wait, I HAVE to get rid of that awful carpet. As soon as I can find carpet.... CHEAP, the room will be done. :)

Have any of you done any redecorating this spring or summer? I love to look at other's decorating photos and hear about their projects.


$50 FREE from Honey Nut Cheerios Instant Win

Over 40,000 cash prizes! $5 cash Instant Win Prizes (1 per 10-minute interval) 100+ winners a day!

Starts June 1, 2009 and ends March 9, 2010. (Don't know how I missed this for over a month!)

Free online code K30FR-H4F3H-7720 You can play 10 times per day using the same code; the code is provided on their site.

One (1) Instant Win Game prize per person per day with a maximum of ten (10) Instant Win Game prizes per person during the Promotion Period.

Get started HERE.

Let me know if you win! I hope some of us do. I've been playing for the last two days and havn't won..... yet! :)

2 Year Bloggiversary Celebration With Giveaways

Next month will be my two year anniversary for this blog. It doesnt seem like it's been two years since my first post.

To celebrate I will be hosting several giveaways throughout the month.

More details will follow.

The weather here has been unusually cool and I've been enjoying it tremendously. The Kodak Z1012 IS camera I purchased is amazing and has renewed my love of photography.

Check these pics out and tell me what you think.

My Butterfly Bush is blooming and look who stopped by for dinner. The wind was blowing 100 miles an hour, but it was no problem with this Kodak camera to get a great shot of her.

This is a water lily growing in my whiskey barrel mini water garden.


All You Magazine Coupon Database

I just love the All*You magazine! They have such great articles, recipes and coupons. Hope my new issue comes today. :)

Want to know what All*You issues (including coupons found in Sunday paper inserts) still have valid coupons? Check it out HERE.

Coupons that will expire in the next 7 days are listed HERE.

Beer Butt Chicken

**I'm really excited to announce I've got some cool giveaways of my own for you guys coming soon!** Now, on to the Beer Butt Chicken....

1 Whole Chicken
1 can of beer
2 Tablespoons McCormick Grill Mates Garlic & Onion Medley Seasoning (Or your own favorite seasonings or dry rub. salt, pepper and 2 tablespoons minced fresh basil, cilantro, rosemary, sage, tarragon or thyme makes a great seasoned chicken.)
Olive Oil

1. Heat grill to medium heat.

2. Line a cake pan or broiler tray with foil or use a disposable roasting pan.

3. Drink 1/3 of your beer.

4. Prepare chicken removing the insides.

5. Rub olive oil all over chicken and beer can. Using a couple teaspoons of your spices rub all over chicken.

6. Place the chicken's butt over the beer can and slide down over the can as far as it will go.

7. Stand the chicken & beer can in the middle of the prepared pan or tray spreading the legs out to help hold the chicken up. Place carefully on the grill. It's best to have all your heat (wood or coals) to one side and the chicken to the other.

8. Cover grill (if you dont have a cover use a large stock pot pan) and cook between 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a medium heat. Internal temperature should reach 180ºF when done, measured in the deepest part of the thigh, not touching the bone. The chicken will get very brown or even black on the outside.

9. CAREFUL! Remove the chicken from the grill and let chicken rest. Using a towel or tongs remove the can from the chicken's butt, cut, and serve. CAUTION... the beer is extremely hot!

Chicken can also be roasted in an oven at 375 degrees for 90 minutes.

Serve with some grilled veggies for a great outdoor cooked meal. Here I chopped up fresh cauliflower and broccoli, threw in some baby carrots and top with butter. Pour enough water in pan to cover the bottom so the butter wont burn, cover tightly with foil and place on grill.


All You Magazine Subscription Giveaway

All coupon clippers love All You magazine. None of us like having to go to Wal~Mart to pick up the latest issue only to find out there are none! That's why a subscription is great and it $ave$ you $$!

It's one of the few magazines that REALLY listens to their readers' input. So much so that earlier this week they did a relaunch of their site AllYou.com and I love it. If you havn't visited them this week, be sure to do so. There are lots of great stuff all in one place. AND AllYou.com now has exclusive printables on their site.

They have even given Coupon Geek a subscription to Giveaway to a lucky reader. Be sure to get over there and enter before 7/20/09!

Even if you already have a subscription, go enter! There are lots of times I wish I had more than one copy. Last year the Back to School coupons were out of this world. I bought 6 copies and saved 6 times more over what I paid for them!

Coupon Alert!

Hubby came in yesterday smiling ear to ear and threw me a little crumpled up booklet he dug out of his pocket.

It is a Summertime Savings coupon book. He reports that it was hanging on the A&W rootbeer at Caseys Convenience store.

THANKS hubby, you're the best!

$5 off any Harry Potter dvd or blu-ray disc
.75 off 1 Mission Tortillas
$1.00 off 1 Reynolds Wrap (ex 20, 25, or 30 sq ft) {That's not very nice of them is it? }
.50 off 1 Breyers Ice cream
$1.00 off 2 Hefty plates or cups
$1.00 off 2 any Crisco cooking oil products {I won't be needing any shortening, did you read my earlier post?}
.55 off any Wonder Buns
.55 off any box Bubba Burgers
.75 off any two Dannon all nat. products

Coupon Preview for 7-19-09

There is only one insert for this weekend.



Banquet Homestyle Bakes .50 (9/30/09)
Bausch & Lomb Soothe and Sooth XP Lubricant Eye Drops $3 (10/31/09)
Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes .75/2 (9/12/09)
Bic 3- 8pk, Comfort 3- 4pk or 8pk, Comfort 3 Advance 4pk, Comfort Twin 5pk or 10 pk, Twin Select 10pk, etc. $2 (8/30/09)
Chex Mix, Barbecue or Sour Cream & Onion, 4.5oz+ .50 (9/12/09)
Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $1 (8/1/09)
Dannon Frusion Yogurt Smoothie $1/1-4 pk. Or four 7 oz bottles DND (9-6-09)
Dannon Yogurt 6oz Single Serve Cups .60/6 (8/31/09)
Dishwasher Magic, 24 oz. DND .55 (10-31-09)
Dishwasher Magic Dishwasher Cleaner on ONE, 12 oz size, DND .55 (10-31-09)
Disposer Care, any size, DND .55 (10-31-09)
Fiber One Box Muffin Mix .40 (9/12/09)
Fiber One Chewy Bars .40/1 box (9/12/09)
Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix, 28.3oz .60 (9/12/09)
Frusion Yogurt Smoothies, any (4) 7 fl.oz. bottles or (1) 4-pack $1 (9/6/09)
General Mills Cereals $1 on 2 (8/29/09)
General Mills Fiber One Cereals: Original, Honey Clusters, Raisin Bran Clusters, Caramel Delights, etc. $1 on 2 (8-29-09)
Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator B1G1F up to $4.29 (8-29-09)
Healthy Ones Packaged Lunchmeat, Deli Presliced, or 1lb of Deli Meat .55 (8/16/09)
Hot Shot Product, any $1.50 (9-30-09)
Huggies Baby Wipes, 64ct+ .50 DND (9/30/09)
Huggies Diapers $1.50 (8/15/09)
Huggies Overnites Diapers $2 (8/15/09)
Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers $3 (8/15/09)
Impruv Dry Skin Care Product $3 (9/30/09)
Infusium 23 Product DND $2 (8-31-09)
LOreal Excellence or Excellence Cremelights $2 (10/11/09)
LOreal Excellence to-Go $2 (10/11/09)
LOreal Moisturizer or Treatment $1 (10/11/09)
LOreal Skincare Cleanser $1 (10/11/09)
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter Products .50 (9/12/09)
Muellers Pasta, any $1 on 3 (8-15-09)
Renuzit Adjustables B2G1 Free up to $1.39 (8/31/09)
Renuzit Crystal Elements $2 (8/31/09)
Renuzit Pearl Scents OR Super Odor Neutralizer Air Freshener Spray $1 (8/31/09)
Revlon Color Cosmetic Product, any $1 (8-23-09)
Revlon Cosmetic Product $1 (12-31-09) (TARGET)
Schiff Glucosamine Product, any DND $3 (9-30-09)
Schiff MegaRed DND $3 (10-31-09)
Schiff Vitamin/Supplement any, excludes Move Free and Glucosamine DND $2 (10-31-09)
Sleep-MaxPM, 30 ct. $2 NED (WALGREENS)
Spray n Wash Max .50 (8/30/09)
Spray n Wash .50 (8/30/09)
St. Joseph 81mg Aspirin $1 (12/31/09)
Tylenol Arithritis Pain $1 (12/31/09)
White Cloud Bathroom Tissue or Paper Towel $1 (9/19/09


Back To School Shopping

I've been busy this summer and it's half over. BoyWonder will be going back to school August 20. I was able to snag some of his school supplies from CVS this week and will be checking them out for next week also.

I took advantage of the 3 day sale earlier this week. I was surprised my closest store had everything in stock but blue pens. I had to buy black. These items cost me roughly $14 and I received $12 back in Extra Care Bucks. Not bad for $2 bucks.

Next week at CVS:
Back to School 3 Day Sale
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday ONLY

99¢ ECB WYB Caliber or CVS/pharmacy memo book 50-80 sheets 99¢ Free Limit 2

$1.99 ECB WYB Caliber or CVS/pharmacy No. 2 Pencils 24ct $1.99 Free Limit 2

$3 ECB WYB 1" Vinyl Binder $3.00 Free Limit 2

99¢ ECB WYB Paper Mate 1.2 pens 10 ct 99¢ Free Limit 2

$2 ECB WYB Caliber or CVS/pharmacy filler paper 150 sheets $2.00 Free Limit 2

Weekly ECB deals

$5 ECB WYB $15 Five Star Notebooks or Binders Limit 1

$5 ECB WYB a Backpack PSA $7.99Limit 2

$9.99 ECB WYB Kodak Picture Movie DVD $9.99 Free Limit 1

89¢ ECB WYB CVS/pharmacy Pantiliners 22 ct. 89¢ Free Limit 1

I still have $6 in Extra Care Bucks saved back for next week. I always visit Kingdom First Mom and check out the $5 CVS Challenge. Doing these scenarios that she and her followers post gets you the most merchandise for the least amount of out of pocket money. Those ladies really know how to roll them!

Did you know she has also started the Walgreens $5 Challenge this week? All you Walgreens pro's go over and share your knowledge with her and her following. As the weeks go by there will be more and more scenarios posted for Walgreens. I need all the help I can get. lol


I Just Won 3 Swag Bucks on www.swagbucks.com

I Just Won 3 Swag Bucks on www.swagbucks.com!

If you are using a search engine such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo instead of Swagbucks.com then you are throwing money out the window. Swagbucks.com PAYS you for searching and is powered by Google!

It's simple. You search. They reward you with Swag Bucks. You cash the Swag Bucks in for different "prizes".

The list of prizes is a wide variety from music downloads, gift cards, books to flat panel tv's. My favorite is the Amazon.com gift card. These will be used to buy Christmas presents. Yep, there's that dreaded word so many don't like to think about in July! lol

Swagbucks.com also pays you in other ways too. They have a Trade In program for old cell phones, video games and video consoles.

Turn those old cell phones into cash! The amount depends upon the type of phone and condition. It's a short and easy questionnaire that you fill out, it tells you how many bucks they will give you and then sends you a postage paid envelope to send in your phone. Once they receive your phone they credit your Swagbucks account. What could be easier?

So what are you waiting for? Get signed up today and you will get $3 Swag Bucks just for signing up. Just click the banner here:

Search & Win

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Friday Freebies! FREE FOOD & DRINKS

FREE Lipton tea. Just call 1-888-435-3639 and follow the automated instructions to receive a coupon for a free box of Lipton tea. One coupon per household. This offer has been depleted already. :( Hopefully they will renew it.

Ok, this deal is for Saturday, 7-11, and 7-Eleven stores are giving away FREE Slurpees! One per customer. Saturday only.

Quizno's FREE sub when you buy another sub and a regular fountain drink. Print your coupon here! Expires Saturday, July 11

Try a FREE Arby's BBQ bacon cheddar roastburger when you purchase any soft drink. Print your coupon here. Expires July 12

Long John Silvers will be giving away FREE Baja Fish Tacos on Tuesday July 14 from open to 2:30pm. Limit one per customer, no purchase necessary! Print your coupon here.


Dessert Without Heating Up Your Kitchen! Layered Banana Pudding

This time of year it's too hot too cook dinner let alone cook a dessert. That's when I pull out my NO COOK recipes.

I grew up eating Layered Banana Pudding Dessert. My parents also grew up on this dessert. My mother, being from Missouri, was taught to make it using crushed graham crackers. My father's mother, being from Tennessee, always prepared this with crushed Nilla Wafers. Either way, it's quick, easy and doesn't heat your kitchen up.

1 small box Vanilla Instant Pudding
2 cups cold milk
Prepare pudding according to directions on box.

1 1/2 packages of graham cracker crumbs, crushed finely (divide into thirds)

3 small bananas, sliced

In a 1 1/2 to 2 quart dish layer ingredients starting with graham cracker crumbs. Then 1/2 of the pudding followed by 1/2 of the bananas. Repeat. The last layer should be the third layer of graham crackers to seal it good.

Refrigerate until set, approximately 1 hour.

random thought: See that antique square dish? I took it from my aunt's estate when preparing for the sale. It's square! I absolutely love it. It's only 1 1/2 quart which I found is a size I love and use often. Did I mention I love this dish?

AND I took that picture with my new camera! I'm slowly getting the hang of it.... how does it look on your computer to you?


Bargains of the Week!

I've been busy shopping and not just for groceries.....

Today at Price Chopper I scored 8 buckets/tubs (what would you call it any ways?) of shortening for .79 a piece from the clearance bin! They don't expire until April 2010. They are an off brand like Shurfine but hey! I'm not going to complain since even an off brand around here is over $3.00. I never get any good coupons for name brands such as Crisco, do you?

I've been really bummed out because our sofa has just all of a sudden started falling apart. One arm had a quarter size hole in it that grew to the size of a saucer in what seemed like over-night.

I've been searching around at flea markets, thrift stores and derailed commodities for a new one for a couple of months now. I was hoping to find something to go with what furniture we already had and what color the carpet and walls were. This hasnt been easy even though my walls and carpet are shades of coffee (with cream please! hehe). But persistence paid off.

Last Wednesday I found this like new couch at a thrift store. They had just put it out on the floor and it wasnt even priced yet. (Nope, I already had the poodle. She's such a camera whore!)

I checked it out thoroughly and found that one of the back cushions had tore away from the back of the couch. I approached the manager and asked how much she wanted it for. She told me she would have it marked. A few minutes later her and another lady came over with their price gun and marked it at $59.99. It was the highest price in the store I had ever seen on a couch (even the ones that look brand new) and said sweetly, "$59.99? It's tore and I will have to have it repaired." The manager asked me where it was tore and I showed her. She said "Ok, how is $34.99?" I told her I would take it! My mother bout fell over and after the two employees walked off she said "You should be ashamed of yourself! You stole that couch!" haha

I told her I was planning on "stealing" a camera real soon to replace mine that decided to die last week. I cannot live with out a camera. Take the cell phone, take the tv... take anything but my laptop and camera!

Well Saturday morning I was checking on Craigslist to see if anyone had listed the camera I had decided I wanted. A Kodak 1012IS! It sells at Wal-Mart for $289.99. Sure enough a guy about 45 miles away from me listed one for $125.00.

I was so excited I about peed my pants. Hubby and I loaded up and met the guy and his wife. The camera was in great shape except there was no manual, strap or batteries. Hubby asked him if he would take $100 for it and flashed him the $100 bill. SOLD! As you can see from the washed out pics, I'm still learning how to use it. :)

I'm still on the hunt for a rotisserie so I can cook whole chickens on my deck! Been looking for 4 months, keep your fingers crossed for me one comes up soon. It's too hot to turn my oven on!

Are you hunting for anything special or have snagged any great deals lately? Please do share!


Meal Plan Menu 7/6-7/12

Monday Burritos
Tuesday Beef & Broccoli Stirfry
Wednesday Hamburger Steaks
Thursday Homemade Pizza
Friday Grilled Ham Steaks
Saturday Pork Roast
Sunday FFY Leftovers

I also wanted to share Rachel Woods' meal planning form with you. You can find more of her meal planning forms in her article, "Meal & Menu Planning for Two weeks". But this one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

Meal Planning4

Be sure to check out Organizing Junkie's site for other meal plans for the coming week!