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Walgreen's April IVC Book

Be sure to pick up your April 2011 Walgreens IVC coupon book. These can be combined with manufacturer coupons for great savings. All the coupons are good through April 30, 2011.

If you want a list of manufacturer coupons that match up with these IVC's, check out Wild For Wags matchup list HERE

Here are all the coupons in the book:

■$1/2 M&M’s 9.9 to 12.6 oz.
■$1/2 Mars Minis 10.5 or 11.5 oz.
■$1/1 Whitman’s Sampler 10 or 12 oz.
■$1/2 Dove Mini’s 8.5 or 9.5 oz.
■$1/2 Skittles, Starbust, Life Savers or Hubba Bubba Easter Items
■$1/2 Twizzlers 11 to 16 oz.
■50¢/1 Wonka Mixups Scrambles Eggs 6 oz.
■$1/1 Wonka Exceptionals Hollow Egg 5 oz.
■$1/2 Wonka Exceptionals 9.5 oz.
■$1/2 Wrigley’s 5 or Orbit Gum 3 pack
■50¢/2 Trident Vitality Gum 9 pieces

■$1/1 Lil’ Drumsticks 10 pack, Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches or Truffle Bar 6 pack, or Edy’s or Dreyer’s Fruit Bars 6 pack
■25¢/1 Dreyer’s or Edy’s Dibs Crunch 4 oz., Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip cookie Sandwich 6 oz., Drumstick 7 oz. or Haagen-Dazs Bar 3 oz.
■50¢/1 Florida’s Natural Orange or 100% Apple Juice 33.8 oz.
■$2/1 5-Hour Energy Shots 6 pack 2 oz. ea.
■$1/1 Revlon Eye Implements
■$2/1 Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave Gen II or Sonic Kit
■$4/1 Optimum Care or Dark and Lovely Relaxer Kit, Optimum Oil Therapy and Optimum Salon Hair Care Maintenance
■$2/1 Ivy Block Lotion 4 oz.
■$2/1 Albolene Cream 12 oz.
■$1/1 Listerine Advantage, Zero, or Total Care 16.9 oz.
■$1/1 Sensodyne Toothpaste 4 oz.
■$1/1 Aquafresh Training Toothpaste 1.5 oz. or Kids Pump 4.6 oz.
■$1/1 Noxzema Disposable Razors 3 or 4 pack
■50¢/1 Noxzema Shave Cream 11 oz.
■$1/1 EOS Shave Cream 7 oz.
■$1/1 Playtex Tampons Gentle Glide or Sport 18 pack
■$2/1 Aquafresh Training Tooth & Gum Cleanser Kit
■$2/1 Dr. Scholl’s For Her Insoles, Smooth My Sole Micro File or Fast Flats
■$2/2 Green Works Glass or All-Purpose Cleaner 32 oz., or Dish Liquid 22 oz., Tilex, Formula 409 or Liquid-Plumr 32 oz., or Clorox 30 or 32 oz. or 35 pack Wipes
■$1/2 Oxi Clean Stain Remover 21.5 or 24 oz. or Max Force Power 10 pack or Gel Stick 6.2 oz. or Arm & Hammer 2-n-1 Fabric Softener, 40 sheets or Carpet Deodorant 42.6 oz.
■$1/2 Air Wick Scented Oil Refill .71 oz. or Lysol Neutra Air Odor Eliminator 10 oz.
■50¢/1 Windex 26 oz. or Wipes 28 pack, Fantastik 32 oz., Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaner 16 oz. or Shout 22 oz.
■50¢/1 Pledge Fabric Sweeper, Wipes 18 or 25 pack or Spray 9.7 or 12.5 oz., Drano 17 or 32 oz., Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamer or Shout Color Catcher 24 pack
■$1/2 Glade Scented Oil Candles Glass Holder, Tin or 4 pack Refills, Plugins Scented Oil Refill, Relaxing Moments Spray 9.7 oz., Candle 2 or 4 oz. or Sense & Spray Refills
■$1/1 Scott Naturals Paper Towels 6 rolls, 68 sheets ea.
■$1/1 Ultra Tuf Trash Bags Reg. Retail $5.49 and up
■$1/1 OFF! Or Raid Products
■$4/1 Plackers Grind No More Gentle Night Protector 10 pack
■$1/1 Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm .07 or .075 oz.
■$1/1 ChapStick Ultra Renewal or Nourish .25 to .35 oz.
■$2/1 Claritin Allergy Relief Tablets or Children’s Chewables 20 ct.
■$1/1 ZYRTEC 24 Hour Allergy Relief 12 or 14 ct.
■$2/1 Allegra 24 Hour Allergy Relief 15 ct.
■$5/1 Alavert Allergy Relief 48 ct.
■$4/1 NasalCrom Casal Colution .88 oz.
■$1/1 Breathe Right Strips 10 or 12 ct.
■$3/1 Bausch & Lomb re-nu Disinfectant or Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz.
■$2/1 Alaway Eye Itch Relief .34 oz.
■$2/1 Zaditor or Genteal Eye Care
■$1/1 Dermoplast Antibiotic or Sunburn Spray 2.75 oz.
■$1/1 Nature Made Sleep 30 ct.
■$10/1 Fastin Dietary Supplements 30 ct.
■$3/1 Prevacid 24 Hour Acid Reducer 42 ct. 15 mg.
■$1/1 Fleet Naturals Aloe Enema 2 pack, Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies 60 ct. or Glycerin Applicators 4 pack
■$2/1 Ex-Lax 24 to 90 ct. Gas-X 18 to 72 ct. or Maalox 90 ct. or Liquid 12 oz.
■$2/1 CharcoCaps Anti-Gas Formula 36 ct.
■$2/1 Azo Itch Relief Cream 1 oz., Standard Urinary Pain Relief 12 ct., Yeast Tablets 60 ct. or Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips 3 pack
■$5/1 Zostrix-HP Cream 2 oz.
■$10/1 Zostrix Diabetic Foot Pain Relieving Cream 2 oz.
■$35/1 OneTouch UltraSmart Blood Glucose Monitor
■$2/1 OneTouch UltraMini Monitor
■$5/1 Listen Up Personal Amplification Device
■$2/1 Born Free Wide Neck Baby Bottle 9 oz. or Trainer Cup
■$2.50/1 Enfagrow Premium Powder 24 oz.
■$2/1 Lansinoh Nursing Care Products
■$2/1 Huggies Little Movers Box Diapers
■$2/1 PediaCare Infant Gas Relief Drops 1 oz.
■$2/1 PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold or Allergy Solution 4 oz.
■$2/1 PediaCare Fever Reducer Suspension 4 oz. or Infant Drops .5 or 1 oz.
■$2/1 Hyland’s Complete Allergy 4 Kids 4 oz.
■$3/1 W Photo One-Time-Use Waterproof Camera 27 exp.
■$2/1 W Photo Film, 400 speed 96 total exp. 4 pack
■$2/1 Kodak Max Film 800 speed, 96 total exp. 4 pack
■$2/1 Kodak FunSaver One-Time-Use Camera 800 speed, 54 total exp., 2 pack
■$2/1 W Squeeze Nasal Wash Kit w/Refill 30 pack or refills 100 pack
■$2/1 W Sinus Wash Booster 2 oz. or Salt Jar 10 oz.
■$3/1 W Wal-dryl Allergy 200 ct.
■$1/1 W Wal-Zyr Children’s Allergy Relief 12 ct.
■$1/1 W Wal-itin or Wal-Zyr Children’s Allergy Relief Syrup 4 oz.
■$1/1 W Gauze Pads 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 in. 25 pack
■$3/1 W Disposable Gloves 120 pack
■$2/1 W TruTrack Test Strips 25 pack
■$2/1 W TrueTrack Blood Glucose Monitor
■$5/1 W Wal-itin Allergy 300 ct.
■$5/1 W Wal-Zyr Allergy 300 ct.
■$2/1 W Wal-dryl Allergy 100 ct.


CVS Money Maker- PF Mascara

Sam of Sam's Secrets shared a great money maker at CVS this week. Here's her deal:

"Here's the best deal scenario:

PF Organic Jumbo mascara - $9.99
PF concealer stick - $5.99
Use 2 of the $5 PDF coupons (check out Sam's facebook page for the link)
Pay $5.98 + tax

You will get back $14.00 in Extra Bucks, making this an $8 profit. Several of the mascaras also have "Try Me Free" stickers for a mail-in-rebate. If you have one of these, send it in to get $9.99 back by mail. That brings your total profit to $17.99 :D

And, if you have the $6 CRT its even sweeter. Use the CRT on the above transaction, and pay $0.00 (yep, absolutely nothing!). That increases your profit to $23.99 ($14 in Extra Bucks, and $9.99 as a check for the rebate)."

Thanks for sharing Sam. I'll be hounding this deal on my lunch hour.

Search & Win


FREE Suave Professionals

The first 200,000 who visit Suave on Facebook tomorrow, March 24th, will get a coupon for a FREE Suave Professionals Full Sized Product.


All You April Coupons

Total Savings in April is $75.15

AIR WICK® FRESHMATIC® Compact Starter Kit $2.00 06/03/11 p. 161
AIR WICK® Scented Oil Refill $1.00 06/03/11 p. 161
Brita® Products $4.00 05/30/11 p. 67
Claritin D $2.00 06/30/11 p. 84
Clorox®, Formula 409® & Tilex® Cleaners & Glad® Trash $2.00 05/30/11 p. 67
ColgateTotal® Gum Defense Toothpaste $1.00 05/30/11 p. 155
Colgate® 360°® Surround Toothbrush $1.00 05/30/11 p. 100
Colgate® Wisp® $0.75 05/31/11 p. 62
Country Crock Shedd’s Spread +Lender’s Bagels $1.00 06/17/11 p. 139
Country Strong $3.00 05/31/11 p. 91
DiGiorno® Pizza & Wyngz or DiGiorno® Pizza & Cookies $0.50 on any 04/30/11 p. 1
Driftwood Cottage by Sherryl Woods $1.00 p. 195
Folgers® and International Delight® $1.50 off with the purchase of both 05/31/11 p. 10
GE ENERGY SMART® CFL, REVEAL® CFL or Halogen lighting product $1.00 on any 05/31/11 p. 97
göt2b® hair styling products $2.00 06/01/11 p. 27
Häagen-Dazs® (excluding 3.6 oz. cups) $1.00 on any 1 05/31/11 p. 1
HALLS® Cough Drops $0.50 06/30/11 p. 174
Hamilton Beach® Stay or Go® Personal Cup™ pod coffeemaker $5.00 05/31/11 p. 153
Hungry Jack® Pancake/Waffle Mix & Syrup $1.00 off 2 04/30/11 p. 115
Infusium23® $5.00 off 2 05/31/11 p. 44
KLEENEX® Facial Tissue uprights $0.50 off any 2 06/25/11 p. 148
Lean Cuisine® varieties, 5–153/8 oz. $1.00 on any 3 05/31/11 p. 1
Magnum® 3-pack $1.00 04/29/11 p. 146
Mars Easter Products $2.00 off 2 04/24/11 p. 109
Melatonin $1.00 05/31/11 p. 59
Mezzetta® $0.50 on any Mezzetta® or Napa Valley Bistro® product 06/30/11 p. 170
Michael Angelo’s Entrée, 8–16 oz. $0.50 06/30/11 p. 132
Michael Angelo’s Entrée, 20 oz. or more $1.00 06/30/11 p. 132
Nature Made® CoQ10 $5.00 04/30/11 p. 111
Nature Made® Fish Oil $2.00 04/30/11 p. 111
Nature Made®Vitamin B $1.00 04/30/11 p. 111
Nature Made®Vitamin D $1.00 04/30/11 p. 111
Nature Made®Vitamins $1.00 04/30/11 p. 111
Nestlé® frozen snack (excludes singles) $1.00 on any 1 05/31/11 p. 1
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Cosmetics® $3.00 05/31/11 p. 17
New York Color Save $1.00 on any NYC Color Mascara $1.72 or more 04/30/11 p. 48
New York Color Save $0.50 on any NYC Color Liner $1.72 or more 04/30/11 p. 48
Odwalla Juice or Bar $0.35 08/15/11 p. 56
Olivari® Mediterranean Olive Oil $1.00 06/30/11 p. 179
Orville Redenbacher’s® Pop Up Bowls™ $1.00 off 1 07/01/11 p. 25
Pro-Pet $2.00 off any 1 12/31/11 p. 166
Rimmel London Day 2 Night Mascara $2.00 05/31/11 p. 40
Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Eye Shadows $1.00 05/31/11 p. 40
Sally Hansen Beauty Tools Save $1.00 on any Sally Hansen Beauty Tool
 purchase of $2.00 or more 04/30/11 p. 38
Schick Quattro for Women Disposable Razors $1.00 07/31/11 p. 50
Sister Schubert’s $0.50 06/25/11 p. 130
Skinny Cow™ branded product (excluding 5.8 oz. cups) $0.50 on any 1 05/31/11 p. 1
Skintimate Shave Gel $0.55 07/31/11 p. 50
Slim•Fast!® 3•2•1 Plan™ Shakes $0.50 05/23/11 p. 168
Slim•Fast!® 3•2•1 Plan™ Snack or Meal Bars $0.50 05/23/11 p. 168
STOUFFER’S® Farmers’ Harvest™ Family Size Entrée $1.00 on any 1 05/31/11 p. 1
STOUFFER’S® Farmers’ Harvest™ Meals for One $1.00 on any 2 05/31/11 p. 1
Success® Rice Products $1.00 on any 2 06/30/11 p. 119
Truvia™ natural sweetener $1.00 05/31/11 p. 71


How to Save a Bundle on Laundry

According to statistics, the average American household washes about 400 loads of laundry year—that's a lot of water, fabric softener, detergent, energy and most importantly money –about $436 to be exact—that is used to keep your clothes clean and smelling fresh. But washing your clothes doesn't necessarily have to deplete your wallet. To learn how you can save a bundle on your laundry, continue reading below.

By far the easiest way to save on laundry is to stop using hot water as much as possible. Experts suggest that washing in hot water as opposed to cold water for a year wastes more energy than if you constantly left the refrigerator door open for the same amount of time. Fortunately most of the newer detergents are designed to fight stains and remove dirt as equally as effectively in cold water. To save even more you can also opt to buy the generic brand. While some consumers complain that generic detergents are sometimes too "weak" all you have to do is simply add ½ cup of baking soda to the wash and give the formula a little boost.

If you want to really save, then you can always choose to skip the store-bought laundry detergents and make your own—it's also a more environmental friendly alternative since all of those harsh chemicals that are poured into most detergents are left out.

Here's a recipe for a simple-home made liquid detergent:

1 bar of soap of your preference, grated into flakes using a cheese grater
1/2 cup of borax
1 cup of Arm and Hammer washing soda
Stirring spoon
Rubber gloves
Tub or trash can
Clean empty milk jugs

Boil 5 cups water in a big pot and add the shaves of grated soap, stirring occasionally. Bring back to a boil and then remove from heat. Fill up a tub or empty clean trash can with 3 gallons of hot water. Add soap mixture and stir. Add washing soda and stir until dissolved. Repeat with borax. Let cool. Distribute in empty milk jugs for easy storage. Use about a half a cup of homemade detergent for each load.

Extra Tip: Wash only full loads—yes, half loads use less water, but they still use the same amount of electrical power.

Fabric Softener
The easiest way to save on fabric softener is not to use any at all. But if you must, add vinegar in the rinse cycle instead of fabric softener. Don't worry; your clothes won't come out smelling like eggs. In fact, the smell is completely undetectable once your clothes are dry. Vinegar is a natural fabric softener and is as equally as effective as the store-bought stuff.

If you happen to be a fan of fabric softener dryer sheets, a good way to save is to simply cut all your sheets in half. If static cling still remains an issue, add a ball of aluminum foil to the dryer—the aluminum is what helps break down static electricity.

When it comes to drying, it's always a good idea to let some of your clothes air dry. This will not only help you save money, but it will also help extend the life of your clothes since dryers actually beat the fibers out of your garments. If you have heavier items like jeans and don't have the time to let them air dry, at least try to shorten the time it takes to dry your clothes. A good way to do this is to invest in some dyer balls.

This guest post is contributed by Tara Miller. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: miller.tara23@gmail.com.


Frugal Gardening

A week ago this past Saturday I planted our tomato seeds. I've been trying to get this post done since! lol

We are going to be starting a lot more of our own plants this year after seeing the prices last year. A lot of times I could buy plants at the farmers market for a very reasonable price, but last year it seemed I couldn't find all the ones I wanted.

I found this box of pellet starters at a thrift store for .50 and saved the plastic containers from deli purchases. They make great seed starters!

I bought this seed starter for $5 at Walmart.  I was going to just buy some more of the pellets but they were almost as expensive as buying the whole thing.

Since we are growing several different varieties, I used a marker to label each row.  Here's what we are growing:

Row 1 & 2: Homestead- det bush; likes hot humid condition, great for slicing/canning
Row 3 & 4: Rutgers-  great for slicing or canning
Row 5: Siberian-det extra early
Row 6: Red Alert-det early heavy cropper, sweet, great salad tomato
Row 7: New Big Dwarf-det, dwarf pink beefsteak
Row 8: Sausage-ind, extra long paste, prolific, meaty, great for sauce or salad
Row 9: Money Maker-ind, likes hot humid conditions, heavy cropper
Row 10: Arkansas Traveler-ind, likes hot humid conditions, pink heavy cropper
Row 11: Ponderosa Pink-ind, huge pink beefsteak
Row 12: Monster-ind, huge red

All the seeds except for Homestead and Rutgers were received from a friend and cost me postage for her to mail them to me.  The Homestead and Rutgers were .33 a pack.

All have germinated, now if I can keep them alive and growing until they are planted into the garden!


FREE Beauty Bag & Samples From Target

Go HERE to get your Target Beauty Bag full of great samples!  You will be asked to answer 5 questions and enter your mailing info.  HURRY, supplies are limited.

Qubie Coupon Binder System Review & Giveaway

The Qubie™ Coupon Organizing System is a fast, fun and easy way to organize ALL of the coupons in your life.  Whether you are a beginner couponer or a seasoned pro, Qubie will work for you.

The Qubie system offers a complete set of 3 binders that includes organization for grocery stores, pharmacy, restaurants, and gift cards.

I really love the smaller pal and plus to get all those store loyalty cards and gift cards organized! I know exactly where everything is now and it is easy to carry into the stores using the bag that came with the system.

The Qubie Pro (for grocery and pharmacy coupons)
••11.5" X 10.75" Binder
•Holds 324 Coupons (9 coupons per page x 36 pages)
•16 Pre Printed Section Dividers with Durable Mylar Tabs
•2 Customizable Section Dividers with Durable Mylar Tabs
•Holds 9 Store Loyalty Cards
•4 Section Page to Organize Your Coupons While You Shop
•Customizable and Expandable

The Qubie Plus (for specialty store coupons)
••7.25" X 9" Binder Size
•Holds 12 Store Loyalty Card Holders
•10 Pages of Single Slot Coupon Holders
•Customizable and expandable

The Qubie Pal (for gift cards and restaurant coupons)
••4.25" X 5" Book Size
•Holds Up To 56 Gift Cards or Restaurant Coupons
•Perfect Size to Keep in Your Purse, Glovebox, Backpack or Briefcase

Qubie Bag
•15" X 16" X 3" Durable Gusseted Tote Bag
•Holds all of your Qubiebooks and couponing supplies ready for you to shop and save money.

Qubie is proudly made in the USA

Now for the GIVEAWAY!
1 of my lucky readers will win a Qubie Coupon Organizing System for FREE!

To enter this giveaway, you must complete the mandatory entry first, and then you may complete any extra entries. Be sure to include your email address in your comments!

Entry ends midnight March 15th. USA only. One lucky person will be chosen by random March 16th. The winner will receive their prize pack directly from Qubie.

MANDATORY ENTRY: What is your favorite feature of the Qubie Coupon Organizing System?

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No Fail Banana Bread

What makes a recipe quick and easy for you?

For me, it's a recipe that requires minimal measuring, doesn't dirty every dish to prepare it and that comes out beautiful everytime.

Tip: Always have bananas on hand. Freeze over ripe bananas individually so they thaw quickly.

5 ripe bananas
1 yellow cake mix
3 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 c chopped nuts

Preheat oven to 350. Butter a 5 x 9 bread pan.

Mash bananas well. Add remaining ingredients and beat 2 minutes on medium.

Pour into pan and bake 1 hour or until firm in middle. (It takes my oven 1 hour and 10 minutes)  Cool in pan on wire rack. 

I have some awesome reviews and giveaways coming up that I can't wait to share with you!  Be on the lookout for them.