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Mail Call-- What did you find in your mailbox today?

Yesterday: I recvd the new Home Made Simple book of coupons. FREE Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse! And I recvd an envie in the mail from Dhunny with coupons for FREE cat food for my ferral babies. Inheriting 9 cats all of a sudden, in addition to the two I moved in to this home with, hasnt been easy. I only have three of the ferrals now, for a total of 5 cats. Pet food is on the rise, as well as everything else, so I really appreciated the coupons.

Today: I recvd the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash FREE sample that I posted on Friday Freebies a few weeks ago. I'm anxious to try this but was disappointed there was no coupon included to entice me to purchase the product. Also, today there was a mailer from Vocal Point. It was advertising the new Ford Flex. Included was a pack of FREE breath mints. I couldnt figure out how to open the container. Boy Wonder was able to figure it out and so I gave the mints to him. I would love to have one of the Ford Flex', but there just isnt the money in our budget for a new vehicle.

Did you receive any goodies in your mailbox today?

Skyrocketing Potato Prices

Around here, 5lbs of russet potatoes cost $4.99. It's outrageous. Is your potato prices gone through the roof?

This week Aldi's has 10lbs russet potatoes on sale for $1.99.

I price matched them at Wal-Mart getting a couple of bags that will last us a while.


Friday Freebies

This week I recvd my BeingGirl sample gift. This "gift" contained 1 pad, 2 pantiliners, 1 fem wipe, and 3 tampons. It also had a coupon in it for a FREE 18 count package of Always Infinity Pads, $1 off a box of Tampax Pearls and $1.50 off Tampax Compak Pearls. The expiration dates on these are 2009 & 2010. Now I will sit back and wait for a CVS deal offering ECB's and use my coupons then! I consider it one of the better freebies a company offers. They are offering a free sample of their new Always Infinity pad. I'm sure it will include a wonderful coupon in it too!

I also recvd my free sample of Meow Mix Cat Food. With it came a coupon for a FREE cup of the wet food version. This is the big reason why I request FREE samples. 90% of the time they will come with an excellent coupon. These coupons wont be found in your weekly coupon inserts, they are better than that!

Now for this week's freebies. There were some good ones.

Is that not just the cutest coffee cup! I want one. I have one on the way. To get your FREE coffee cup go here: DigiLake Free Coffee Cup The form is very simple... you don't even have to enter your town or state, just the zip code.

Nature's Bounty is still offering their Free reusable shopping tote bag. If you havnt taken the time to request one, do it now.

Spaghetti anyone?

Try Bertolli's Premium Pasta sauce pouch for free!

I like to use Baby shampoo to shampoo my poodles. Here is a free sample of Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo.


Chicken Spiedini

I'm always looking for a different way to cook chicken. One of the Kansas City Italian Restaurants serves this. I'm not sure this is exactly how they fix it, but it's good and easy enough for me to prepare.

If you have a way to fix chicken that changes it up, something different, let me know. I'll gladly try it. It seems chicken is the only meat that is reasonably priced and on sale around here on a weekly basis.

Grilled chicken spiedini

1/2 cup lemon juice

3 tablespoons grated lemon zest, divided

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons chopped pickled pepperoncini

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves

2/3 cup Italian seasoned bread crumbs

1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 tablespoon chopped parsley

2 garlic cloves, minced

Combine lemon juice, 1 tablespoon lemon zest and olive oil; blend well. Remove 2 tablespoons lemon juice mixture, stir in pepperoncini and set aside. Place remaining mixture into zip-top bag and add chicken breasts. Seal bag, refrigerate and allow to marinate 30 minutes.

Place bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, parsley, remaining 2 tablespoons lemon zest and garlic cloves in shallow dish such as a pie plate; blend well. Remove each chicken breast from marinade and place in crumb mixture, coating well. Carefully cut each breast into 1-inch thick slices and thread onto metal skewers.

Preheat grill to medium-high (400 degrees, see cooking tip) allowing coals to burn down to white ash. Grill chicken 9 to 12 minutes, or until fully cooked and meat thermometer registers 170 degrees, turning midway through cooking.

Place on serving platter and drizzle with pepperoncini mixture.


Saturday Cake Mix Special- Banana Nut Muffins

Saturday was a busy day hounding all those deals at Wal-Mart and preparing for company on Sunday. So here is the Saturday Cake Mix Special a little late. I love all the different things you can do with cake mixes. I usually have a good supply on hand that I've bought on sale and had a coupon for making them free or almost free.

1 banana or spice cake mix
2 eggs
1 cup water
1/3 cup chopped walnuts
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 medium banana, mashed

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour muffin pan or use paper liners. Mix together cake mix, eggs, water, nuts, oil and banana in a large bowl until well blended. Fill muffin cups 3/4 full with batter. Bake 20-25 minutes.


Super Wal-Mart Savings

I love The Centsible Sawyer's post she does on Wal-Mart deals. I depend upon her putting it all together in one spot making it easy for me. I've plugged her site before when I've done my Wal-Mart deals and hope she doesnt mind the plug again. Also she was chosen for the Wal-Mart 11 Money Saving Moms. Be sure to check that out too.

10 Michaelinas $5.50 after price match and coupons
2 Green Giant Steamers $.46 after coupons (reg $1.23 each)
2 TGIF Moz Sticks FREE after coupons (reg $2.98 each)

Cheerios FREE after coupon
HBO Choc Cluster Cereal FREE after coupon
6 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pastas $3.00 after coupons (reg $1.50 each)
4 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning $1.44 after coupons (reg .86 each)
4 Old El Paso Taco Shells $3.04 after coupons (reg $1.26 each)
4 Mighty Dog Food FREE after coupons
1 Cereal to Go & 1 Cereal Straws $3.00 after coupons (reg $2.47 each)
2 Yogo Fruit Snack $2.81 after coupons
2 Hunts Pudding $1.25 after coupons (reg $1.00 each)

5 Electrasol $3.60 after price match and coupons (reg $3.47 each)
4 Chex Mix $1.96 after coupons and price match (reg $2.12 each)
3 Sunkist Tuna Pouch $1.76 after coupons (reg .93 each)
2 Nestle Choco Chips $.98 after $1.50 each coupons and price match (reg $2.47 each)
2 Pinto Beans $1.84 no coupon :(
1 V-8 Fusion $.98 after coupon (reg $1.98 ea)
1 Mac & Cheese Cracker $2.00 no coupon :(
1 Soft Pretzel $2.12 no coupon :(
1 Hunts Spag Sauce .98 no coupon :(
2 pops $1.38 each

Total before coupons was $88.94 After coupons and price matching $41.94.

My checker, Marcie, was a doll. When I got into her line there was noone there. She was very efficient and made sure none of my coupons stuck together. She had no problem with any of my price matches I requested as she looked at my competitors flyers and entered the price match. The only coupons she couldnt get to scan was the TGIF. I'm lucky, cause my Wal-Mart accepts IP coupons if they scan. Their theory is it is legit if it scans. Just when I was getting ready to tell her that was ok, Judy (the senior csm, who has been there for 100 years) came by and told her it's ok, just enter them by hand. By now there were 5 others in line after me.

I was starting to get antsy, and figured one of the women behind me would start making hateful comments like what usually happens, about how long it was taking. After Marcie was done with the coupons and tax had been added on she smiled at me and said "I just love to see people use coupons and shop smart! Your total is now $41.94" I told her thank you and appologized because her line was now backed up. She replied, "No worries, that means I will be busy and it makes my time go by faster, Have a great weekend".

It was the most easy and enjoyable trip I've had to my Super Wal-Mart since I started using coupons a year ago.


Friday Freebies

Always totaly hassle free freebies!

Nature's Bounty is giving away a free reusable shopping bag!

YEAH. You know how I am a bag freak!

Receive a coupon for a FREE bottle of Cascade Clear Rinse for your dishwasher. The offer is at the bottom of the page under the coupon offers for other products.

Wal-Mart is giving away free samples of Pledge Multi Surface Wipes.


Everybody Loves FREE!

Giveaways are fun and free! Although I've never won one, I still like to enter, hoping that my luck will change.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love CVS too! So there is no better give away than a CVS $10 gift card give away.

Frugal Rhode Island Mamma is doing just that.... giving away a $10 CVS gift card!

So what are you waiting for? Get over there and enter for your chance to win that gift card!

September All You Coupons Plus BONUS!

Bayer free Contour Meter with prescription expires 12/31/08 pg 65
Birdseye C&W Vegetables $1 expires 11/7/08 pg 107
Birdseye Voila Varieties $1 expires 10/31/08 pg 83
Brut $1 expires 11/30/08 pg 87
Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Advanced Clean or Total Advanced Toothpaste (4oz+) $1.50 (1-31-09) pg 59
Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste (4oz+) $1 expires 1/31/09 pg 161
Flexitol $1 expires 12/31/08 pg 171
Halls bag 35¢ expires 12/31/08 pg 51
Hunts Snack Pack 75¢/2 expires 12/31/08 pg 57
Jane any Be Pure Mineral Item excluding trial $2 expires 10/31/08 pg 41
Jergens Naturals or Jergens Moisturizer or any Natural Glow Moisturizer $1 expires 12/31/08 pg 24
John Frieda $1 expires 11/30/08 pg 32
Kellogg's Smart Start Cereal (14.7oz) $1 expires 12/31/08 pg 12
Kibbles 'n Bits (3.6#+) $2 expires 10/23/08 pg 175
Kotex Tampons $1 expires 10/31/08 pg 94
Little Debbie Family Pack Muffin varieties 75¢ expires 12/31/08 pg168
Made of Honor DVD $3 expires 10/31/08 pg 78
Marzetti Apple Dip (12oz) 55¢ expires 11/30/08 pg 111
FORM Orville Redenbacher choice of $2.99 refund or $5 in coupons expires 12/31/08 pg 109
Palmolive Pure + Clear Liquid Dish Soap 75¢ expires 1/31/09 pg 147
Peter Pan Peanut Butter 50¢ expires 12/31/08 pg 56
Pure & Natural Body Wash, Liquid Hand or Bar Soap $1 expires 12/31/08pg 38
Purina Fit & Trim $2 expires 11/1/08 pg 166
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara $2 expires 10/31/08 pg 29
Sani-Hands or Sani-Hands for Kids $1 expires 12/31/08 pg 158
Starkist Gourmet Choice Tuna B2G1F expires 11/30/08 pg 96
Tyson Any'tizers Snacks $1 expires 11/30/08 pg 103
Underwood 50¢ expires 10/31/08 pg 123
White Cloud Green Earth Bathroom Tissue 50¢ expires 12/31/08 pg 138
Whole Body Cleanse or Lutra Liver Cleanse $2 expires 11/30/08 pg 63
Windex Antibacterial Multi Surface Cleaner or Wipes Canister 75¢ expires 11/30/08 pg 155

BONUS: $10 Survey-- Not all, but a select few have a 4 page survey around pg 5. Fill it out and return it and you will be sent a $10 check.


Menu Plan Monday 9/15-9/25

MON Tacos
TUES Baked Ziti
WED Chicken Breast
THURS Omelettes
FRI Baked Potato Soup
SAT Eggs & Sausage
SUN Pork Roast
MON Tacos
TUES Baked Ziti
WED Chicken Breast
THURS Omelettes

I hadnt posted my menu plan in a while and needed to be very organized in the next two weeks and this really helps.

Be sure to join in every week over at Organizing Junkie for the Menu Plan Monday. Here's this weeks link, there are over 300! Organizing Junkie Menu Plan Monday. I'm sure you can find some good ideas for your weekly menus.


Are you Prepared?

Are you prepared for any emergency that would hit your area? Whether it be a tornado, a hurricane, or a earthquake, you should have an emergency kit and plan. For tips go to Protecting America.

You can also sign up for a FREE RADIO! Everyone should have a radio in their emergency kit.

The sign up is simple, just your name and address. The confirmation you will receive is:


Thank you for registering with ProtectingAmerica.org. Your information is being processed and you will receive your emergency radio shortly.


Freebie Friday

Friday is here again! Did any of you receive any of your freebies in the mail this week? I received the Schick Quatro Razor/Trimmer and the Cascade Gel Pacs with the Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Flosser Sample Pack: Receive a free Reach Flosser Sample Pack, easy form.

Betty Crocker Potatoes: Free Betty Crocker Creamy Butter Potatoes samples are limited so sign up quickly! Plus there are several coupons to print from their site.

Are you a scrapbooker? Then you will enjoy the 5 Friday Freebies posted by Scraps of Mind every Friday. Go check her site out.

And last but not least Quaker is giving away Birthday Kits!

Collect 4 UPCS from Quaker Oats Chewy bars or Granola Bites get:
birthday kit with free T-shirt, 10 goody bags (with rubber braclets,tattoos,and party favors) and certificates.
You can add 10 extra goody bags for 2 more UPCS
No CRT is required. No shipping or handling.
scroll down and print form.


A Moment of Silence

Run, Run, Run

This week has been so full of "errands" every day after work. Monday boy wonder had a dentist appointment. Tuesday he got out of school early and I had a dentist appointment. Yesterday was a long stressful day for me taking my car to the shop. Today it has to go back again. Tomorow will be shopping for boy wonder's birthday and party. Saturday will be extra house cleaning to prepare for his party on Sunday.

My car has needed new tires for quite some time. In the last month it has gotten progressively worse.

I havnt wanted to let go of the money AND I wanted to get all I could get out of the tires on my car. So I have put if off and put it off til I couldnt put it off any longer.

Tuesday I called to make the appointment. Well that appointment lasted from 3:30 until 5:10pm yesterday. I was a little pissed to say the least. I had ordered two new tires to be put on the front and the best two tires kept and placed on the back. Well the one tire that was making my car drive and handle so badly wasnt the worse so it stayed. Now I have to go back today and get two more (used) put on it.

$300 (OUCH!) later it will be safe and driving better. Last night on the way home it was already driving so much better, but the "octagon shaped" tire has to go.

Hey did you know that newer cars do not just get their front two wheels aligned? They require all four wheels to be aligned. I didnt know that. That's what caused my back tire to become "octagon shaped" and it's been driving me nuts!!!!!



Does your home ever eat stuff?

No really, I'm not joking. One day it's there, and the next it's gone. Poof! Vanished! No where to be found.

I'm sooooo aggravated right now. I went to get my extra set of sheets out of my closet for hubby and I's bed Sunday. Top sheet and one pillow case there. This usually tells me that my oldest son has the rest of the set. He doesnt like to use a top sheet. Don't ask me why. That's another topic for another post on another day.

So I run downstairs to his room and no go! His sheets are on his bed.

Where in the world is it?

I have tore this freakin house apart. Cleaned out closets, looked in drawers and they arent here.

That was my favorite set of sheets too! The ones I like to keep on our bed in the fall/winter. So soft.

Usually things will show up a couple days after I quit thinking about it. But it's been a couple days and I cant stop thinking about it. I WANT MY SHEET!

Hubby says "Forget about it, buy another set!"

You cant buy a set of sheets like that now a days for less than $100. I DONT HAVE $100! I WANT MY SHEET!


Time to reorganize!

My stockpile continues to grow!

My main closet for storing my stockpile is in need of reorganzing. I'm running out of space in here. I think I best find a new home for everything on the top shelf since 99% of it isnt pantry items.

I've been buggin hubby to build me some more shelves in my hall closet. He hasnt gotten around to it yet. That closet is over twice as big as this one. It would hold so much more!


Target Deals

The Kellogg sale at Target made the Kellogg $10 rebate even better!

My deals went like this:

Deal 1: 4 Pop Tarts (12 count boxes) $2.25 each=$9 minus $2 Target coupons and $2 manuf coupons = $5 OOP, received $5 gc back!
Deal 2: 4 Special K Bars $2.25 each=$9 minus 4 $1 off manuf coupons = $5 OOP, received $5 gc back!
Deal 3: 2 Keebler Fudge shop cookies $2.25 each, 2 Special K Bars $2.25 each=$9 minus 1 BOGO manuf coupon (2.25) and $1 manuf coupon = $5.75 OOP, received $5 gc back!

I'm down .75 on these 12 items. All was purchased on one receipt and I will submit this receipt for the $10 rebate from Kelloggs. So after it is all over with, I made $9.25 off this deal. That's assuming I actuallly receive the $10 rebate check. This will be my first rebate I've submitted for, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Today Is Grandparent's Day

I received an email today from Eversave reminding me that it is Grandparent's Day. We don't do much for Grandparent's Day other than buy a card and visit for the afternoon.

Also in the email was this recipe to make for a treat for your grandparents. It sounds easy and yummmy! If I find time I will supervise boy wonder so he can make it for them. I'm sure my mother and father both would love it.

Butter cake

2 cups pre-sifted flour
1 box confectioner's sugar (approx 3 1/2-3 3/4 cups)
3 TBSP vanilla
3 TBSP lemon extract
6 eggs
3 sticks butter

At least two hours prior to preparation, set eggs out so they will be at room temperature. Butter should be set out about half an hour before preparation. At preparation, preheat oven to 325 degrees F; grease and flour bundt cake pan. Crack eggs into mixing bowl. Cream butter into eggs. Cream in confectioner's sugar. Fold in pre-sifted flour. Use hand or electric mixer to whip up thick batter. Pour into pan and bake for 1 hour; when done, let cool for 1 hour.


Saturday Cake Mix Special-Butterfinger Crumb Cake

My husband and I's 17 year anniversary is coming up later this month. My hubby is a chocoholic. This will be the dessert I make for our special dinner. He will think I worked and slaved in the kitchen making this simple layered dessert!! ;)

1 chocolate cake mix
2 small boxes vanilla instant pudding
4 cups milk
2 large butterfinger cand bars, chopped
12 ounces whipped topping

Prepare and bake cake mix according to directions. Cool cake and then crumble into a bowl.

Mix instant pudding with milk until set. Pour half of pudding in the bottom of a large bowl. Sprinkle with half the cake crumbs. Pat cake into pudding. Sprinkle 1/3of butterfinger crumbs over pudding and cake layer. Layer remaining pudding, then press the remaining cake into pudding. Sprinkle 1/3 of butterfinger crumbs over cake. Spread whipped topping over cake. Sprinkle remaining 1/3 butterfinger crumbs on top of whipped topping.


Friday Freebies

Being an animal lover I'm always on the look out for freebies for my 9 babies. YES I have nine. 5 cats and 4 dogs.

Three of the 5 cats were a family of 9 ferrals that were living here when we moved in over 3 years ago. I took them to a clinic and they recvd their shots and were "fixed". I have given away 3 of the babies, the daddy ran off the night before his appointment to get fixed, my favorite ran off a couple months later and one died last winter. The two cats we came here with were "rescues". Needless to say they eat me out of house and home.

And then there are my four doggies. I have two mini poodles in my house, my big black lab baby and his best friend, the bassett hound that we "rescued".

These are the freebies I found this week for them. They'll be so happy when they come. Let me know about your babies!

Bell Rock Growers is offering free samples of Pet Greens Treats, cat and dog treats made with organic Wheat Grass.

Senequoi is offering a free sample of Purina One, dog, cat, puppy, or kitten food.

Get your daily dose of happiness, TRY GREENIES today!


National Coupon Month

September is National Coupon Month!

Did you know that the first coupon was issued in 1887 by Coca-Cola for free samples to promote their drink?

C.W. Post distributed coupons worth 1 cent off his Grape Nuts cereal in 1895.

In the 1930’s, because of the depression, everyone was trying to save money in every way. Coupons were a way for Americans to pinch their pennies.

By 1965, half of Americans had used coupons.

1998 America celebrated its 1st National coupon month in September and continues to do so each year.

NOTE: It is prohibited by law to duplicate coupons by a copy machine other than for demonstration or educational purposes.