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Show Me Your Repurposed Baby Crib Projects

I have the baby crib both my sons and one grandson used. All but the mattress. :(
None of the thrift stores around here will accept used cribs (or any other baby furniture such as high chairs and playpens) due to new safety regulations and liability. Not wanting to throw it away but not wanting to just keep it in storage as a keepsake I decided to figure out a way to repurpose it and have found some great project ideas.

To use the springs, I found these great projects:

Photo display by Cottage Elements:

A kitchen command center/message board by Funky Junk Interiors:

Candy Ellen's Weaved Wall Art:

Candy can also be found on her site Junk Sophisticate.

Country Home Office Wall Organizer Inspired by Cottage Elements:

To use the end panels and/or side rails:

Jenny Lind Crib Bench

To use the mattress:

Shabby Nest's Seat Cushion:

I want to see more projects! Use this cool new inlinkz to link up your project! It's fast, easy and fun! You will get to show a thumbnail of your project right here on the link board.


  1. What great ideas!! Hmm.. I wonder if I could get an old unsafe crib off freecycle to use...

  2. Brandi- don't forget to check Craigslist in your area also.

  3. Wow! What cool finds you've got here on this given topic! I love them all! Even mine. :)

    Thanks for the shoutout!


  4. Whoa! That's pretty awesome! For those of us that aren't "creative" lol, Babies R us is taking all of those things and giving you 25% off any order once you hand them in. But maybe I can convince hubby to make something out of Sonny's crib. We could use a bench out on the patio :)

  5. Those are some fantastic ideas. Now I wish I would keep my old cribs.

  6. Donna thanks for stopping by!

    Amiyrah The deal at Babies R us sounds good if you need to buy more baby stuff, but my baby days are over. Show some ideas to hubby, I bet he'll have fun making you a bench.

    Ms Bibi Thanks for stopping by. I wish I had kept the mattress! I need to make a cushion for my window seat in my bedroom.

  7. Thanks for sharing these! What a neat idea. I love the first picture :)

    You should definitely take before and after pictures.


  8. Love all those crib projects. I have several cribs just waiting to be transformed. The mattress in the photo looks like it was cut down, I didn't know if you could do that so I've used them whole before as cushion for love seat benches. I couldn't link it up, but I posted a crib chair I made on the JunkMarket site. This is the address: junkmarketstyle.com/item/3349/dont-throw-out-those-old-cribs

  9. How ver neat!

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    Great Stories and idea ...
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  12. Wonderful ideas!

    I use the springs for a cucumber trellis.

  13. It is great that you have found a use for your crib and at the same time kept from adding to the land fill.

    1. Reducing and reusing is what I strive for! Have you ever been to a landfill? I have, you would not believe all the things that could have been recycled or upcycled!