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2010 Coupon Insert Schedule

2010 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule (All Inserts)

1/3: 2 Smart Source & 2 Red Plum & General Mill
1/10: Smart Source & Red Plum
1/17: Smart Source & Red Plum & Proctor & Gamble
1/24: Smart Source & Red Plum
1/31: Smart Source & Red Plum

2/7: Smart Source
2/14: No Inserts
2/21: Smart Source & General Mills & Procter and Gamble
2/28: Smart Source & Red Plum

3/7: Smart Source, Red Plum & Procter and Gamble
3/14: Smart Source& Red Plum
3/21: Smart Source& Red Plum
3/28:2 Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

4/4: No Inserts
4/11: Smart Source & Red Plum
4/18: Smart Source & Red Plum
4/25: Smart Source & Red Plum

5/2: Smart Source & Red Plum & P&G
5/9: Smart Source & Red Plum
5/16: 2 Smart Source & Red Plum
5/23: Smart Source & Red Plum
5/30: No Inserts

6/6: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble
6/13: Smart Source
6/20: Smart Source & Red Plum
6/27: Smart Source & Red Plum

7/4: No Inserts
7/11: Smart Source & Red Plum
7/18: Smart Source
7/25: Smart Source & Red Plum

8/1: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble
8/8: Smart Source & Red Plum
8/15: Smart Source & Red Plum
8/22: Smart Source & Red Plum
8/29: Smart Source & Red Plum & P&G Insert

9/5: No Inserts
9/12: Smart Source & 2 Red Plum
9/19: Smart Source & Red Plum
9/26: Smart Source & Red Plum

10/3: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble
10/10: Smart Source & Red Plum
10/17: Smart Source & Red Plum
10/24: Smart Source & Red Plum
10/31: Smart Source & Red Plum

11/7: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble
11/14: Smart Source & Red Plum
11/21: Smart Source & Red Plum
11/28: No Inserts

12/5: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble
12/12: Smart Source & Red Plum
12/19: No Inserts
12/26: No Inserts


SAVE $$ - Make Your Own Easy Bake Oven Mixes

Every year the Easy Bake Ovens go on sale dirt cheap around this time. What's not cheap is the mixes! Learn how to make your own mixes. Both my boys had EB ovens. I just wish I knew with my oldest son what I learned when my youngest son received his oven.

Save yourself a TON of money with these recipes to make your child their own mixes for a fraction of the cost.

Quick Toy Oven Cake
~2 tablespoons commercial snack cake mix -- (any snack cake mix that you just add water to, we've even used regular cake mixes with good results even though the eggs & oil were omitted)
~1 tablespoon water
Mix cake mix and 1 tablespoon water (use only enough to make a cake batter consistency). Place in greased toy cake pan.
Bake for 10 minutes. Makes 1 serving

Don't have a cake mix? Here's a "scratch" recipe:

Toy Oven Chocolate Cake
6 teaspoons flour
4 teaspoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa
3/4 teaspoon shortening
1 Pinch salt
6 teaspoons milk
Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa, shortening and salt. Add milk. Pour into greased baking pan that comes with the toy oven. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes.
Note: If you don't want a chocolate cake, omit the cocoa and add a drop or two of vanilla with the milk. Makes 1 serving

FROSTING (for 2 cakes)
4 tsp Shortening 1/4 tsp Vanilla
2/3 c Powdered sugar 2 tsp Milk
Colored sugar crystals for decoration
Stir together shortening, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk until smooth and creamy. Spread 2 tsp. of frosting on top of 1st layer. Add 2nd layer and continue frosting. Sprinkle with colored crystal sugars. Frosts a 2 layer cake.

BROWNIES (6 wedges)
2 1/2 T Sugar 1/8 tsp Vanilla extract
1 tsp Oil 4 tsp Chocolate syrup
2 T Plus - 1 tsp Flour
Sir together sugar, oil, vanilla, chocolate and flour until the batter is smooth and chocolate colored. Pour batter into greased and floured pan. Bake 15 minutes. When cool, cut them into wedges or little squares. Makes 6 wedges or 1/2 inch squares.

6 tsp butter 1 pinch salt
3 tsp sugar 1/8 tsp cream of tartar
3 tsp brown sugar 1/4 c flour
1/8 tsp baking soda
Cream together butter, sugars and salt. Add flour, cream of tartar, and baking soda. Divide into 12 balls. Flatten with thumb. Bake 8 minutes. Makes one dozen
one-inch cookies.



Walgreens, Cvs, Hyvee,& Dollar General Deals

1 remote control spinner $9.99
1 Zantac $8.99
1 Brut after shave $5.29

Coupons Used
1 $1 Brut
1 $1 Zantac
1 $4 off $20 CVS coupon found in the Center of their Holiday Book

EB's used
$3.99 from Santa Hat purchased earlier in week
$4.00 from EOB lotion purchased earlier in week

OOP was $11.15
ECB received $8.99 for Zantac

out of pocket was higher than normal BUT I had to have the car for a xmas present.

9 FreshPet Selects $1.69 each (all rang up separately to use the Get one Free coupons)
9 Fresh Pet Select coupons $1.69 each

1 Ronzoni Pasta $1.59
1 couppon .75 off

2 Knorr Cheese sauce mixes $1.25 each

OOP for all $3.51

Dollar General
1 Hawaiin Punch Juice $2.25
2 Mr Potatoe Heads $2.50 each
used 2 $2 ip coupons
OOP was $3.57

BEWARE: These are small 6 piece mini Mr Potatoes. They have 4 different ones. They are in their sale book for $2.50, but rang up $3. The coupon beeped also. She read every single word on them and finally decided to void the whole order and ring it up again, price adjusting them from $3 to $2.50 and pushing the coupons through. When she was done she said (and I quote) "There, you got them both for $1, are you satisfied?" I told her "thank you" and left the store PO'd!

I'm sure if you take the add to Wal-Mart you will receive the bigger product with less hassle. The add does not say anything but "Mr. Potatoe Head $2.50"

Walgreen Deals

2 Hershey Kiss 8.5oz $2.50 each
2 Theraflu $5.00 each
2 Triaminic Strips $5.00 each
3 Pot Holders .39 each (use in ad coupon)
Subtotal $26.17

Coupons Used:
2 $2 Theraflu IP coupons
2 $3 Triaminic coupons
1 $2 ($4 total)Wags Theraflu coupon from Healthy Savings Book
1 $2 ($4 total)Wags Triaminic coupon from Healthy Savings Book

RR's used
2 $2 from Goody Hair deal last week

Total OOP was $4.22

RR's Recvd: $14 ($5 for over $25 order, $5 for Triaminic, $3 for Theraflu and $1 for Hershey Kisses)

So I'm $6 ahead! Could have been more had I used the Hershey Kiss $1 coupon!

2 Hershey Kiss 8.5oz $2.50 each
2 Theraflu $5.00 each
2 Triaminic $5.00 each
3 Pot Holders .39 each (use in ad coupon)
Subtotal $26.17

Coupons Used:
2 $1.50 Blinkie Theraflu coupons
1 $3 Triaminic strip coupon
1 $2 Triaminic liquid coupon
1 $2 ($4 total)Wags Theraflu coupon from Healthy Savings Book
1 $2 ($4 total)Wags Triaminic coupon from Healthy Savings Book
1 $1 Hershey Kisses coupon

RR's used
1 $5 from $25 purchase received from #1 to see if it would roll, IT DID NOT!

Total OOP was $4.35

RR's Recvd: $9 (I DID NOT RECEIVE THE $5 for over $25 order-SO THAT MEANS IT IS NOT ROLLING!) $5 for Triaminic, $3 for Theraflu and $1 for Hershey Kisses)

So I pretty much broke even, BUT if you have rr's from some other deals you can use them and you'll receive the $5 for your $25 purchase making it money ahead on this one too.


3 Ecotrin $1.99 each (used raincheck from last week)
1 All detergent $3.50
1 Snuggies fabric softener sheet $4.59
2 Theraflu $5 each
3 Candy Cane pens $1
2 Christmas Pencils $1
Subtotal $26.06

Coupons Used:
$10 off 3 Bayer products (for the Ecotrin)
1 $2 off All detergent
1 $2 off Snuggies fabric sheets
2 $1.50 blinkie Theraflu
1 $2 ($4 total) Wags Theraflu coupon from Healthy Savings Book

RR's used:
1 $5 from Triaminic deal

OOP was .06

RR's received: $5 (for over $25 order) and $3 for Theraflu

So I came out $3 ahead on this deal.


Baked Ziti

I've been asked for this recipe so many times, I decided to drag it back up closer to the top of my archives. It's one of my families' favorites. For me, this recipe has it ALL. It's quick, easy and a frugal (less than $5) meal. What more could you ask for? Baked Ziti

1 jar spaghetti sauce
1 jar water
1 lb pasta (rotini, penne, ziti, elbows, shells)
8 oz shredded cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, mexican, mont. jack)

Mix sauce, water, and uncooked pasta in 9x13 pan. Cover with foil and bake at 375 for 30-40 minutes (depends upon type of pasta used). Remove cover, stir, top with cheese, and bake until cheese is melted.

Serve with garlic toast and a salad.

Variations: add mushrooms, eggplant, zuccini, or any other vegetable you need to sneak in on your kids. It doesnt take much. Meat can also be added. 1 lb of ground beef, italian sweet pork sausage, ground turkey or 2 cups cooked chicken.