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My Emergency Kit

It's tornado season here in Missouri. There have been so many bad tornadoes in the last couple of years. You hear the media tell you to have a plan and an emergency kit. I decided I need to put one together for our family.

I've done some research and learned I will need at least three days’ worth of supplies.

These are a few basics that I need to include in my ER kit:
Bottled water--at least one gallon for each person per day for three days, plus pottable water-- one gallon for each person per day for three days.
3 Days worth of non-perishable food for each family member. Energy/granola bars, nuts, jerky, crackers, peanut butter, tuna, potted meat,
flashlight and batteries,
weather radio and batteries
Basic Toiletries: toilet paper, tampons, pantiliners
first aid kit: pain relievers, OTC stomach medicine, antibiotic ointment, bandages/bandaids, sterile gloves and an antibiotic cleanser, hand sanitizer, cleansing towelettes,
puzzle books and cards
clothing (including raingear),
pet food,

Is there anything pertinent I have forgotten?


  1. I've never had to live through one!!! But keep safe.. sounds like you're diong great!!

  2. It sounds like a good list! Make sure your matches are in a waterproof container... you only make that mistake once *L*

  3. Another thing I would add is to have a KytoStat bandage in case on any bleeding. KytoStat is as easy to use as a regular bandage. Through a unique manufacturing process an adhesive natures forms on the bandages and red blood cells are drawn to the bandage, creating a seal over the wound that forms a tight bond and stops the bleeding immediately. For more information, please visit http://www.kytostat.com.

  4. Lisa,

    If you have a cellphone, I would make sure that I had a cellphone charger for the car.

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will put a roll of toilet paper in a coffee can to keep it dry as well as the matches and candles.

    I have a charger for all of our cell phones.

    The kytostat I've heard of from when I worked at a nursing home. That's also good advice.

    Thanks all of you.

  6. Lisa,

    please let me know if you would like us to send you a KytoStat sample.



  7. Ely, I would love to have a sample of your Kytostat.

  8. I also have a package of napkins, some plastic silverware, and a package of styrofoam bowls(not very eco but we don't use them unless necessary and in a crisis it's easier than worrying about dirty dishes) Handiwipes or baby wipes are good to have available too. A good pocket knife is also handy and if you have a basement where you take shelter, a good hatchet(stored safely) in case you have to get through lumber to get to safety.

  9. That's excelent list! We don't have tornadoes but we do have flash-floods and sometimes roads are not passible so we're stuck until water level goes down. I have some of the items you listed in my pantry but not all so now I have a good example of what needs to be added. Though I might skip peanutbutter since I can't stand that stuff. Maybe another nutty-butter (for protein) will work as a substitute.

  10. Don't forget about 3 days of meds for anyone in your family who's on them regularly! I've just started making a kit last fall....not much yet just a backpack w/ food, tp, forks, first aid kit. Plus I have a old cat litter container w/ pet food and pet related items (meds for dog w/ arthritis). I have a crank flashlight...has a radio, but the radio doesn't work. I need a cell phone charger for the car. Good ideas Lisa!

  11. Shelly, noone in my family are on routine meds right now. I was thinking about what to put all my stuff in, your idea of keeping it in a back pack gave me the idea of using a big duffel bag that I have no use for! Thanks!