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Save Money And Build Your Own Rain Harvesting System

Saving money on water is one thing I'm constantly monitoring.   With the need to water pets, top off koi ponds and swimming pool, watering vegetable and flower gardens as well as laundry and bathing, our water bill can get expensive.

I've wrote about rain harvesting and using rain barrels before, but feel the subject is worth repeating and staying on top of new found ideas. 

How much rain does it take to fill my system?
Not as much as you think. It is easy to calculate how much rainwater your roof generates. The constant to remember is: 1" of rain will produce 625 gallons of runoff from a 1000 square foot roof, or 625 gallons per 1000 square feet.

Too much math for you? Check out this easy Rain Harvest Calculator. It will figure it for you in seconds.

Thanks to Homesteading Woman for the great video on your Rain Harvesting System!


  1. That is very cool. What a way to save water.

  2. Precious I'm glad someone else thought it was cool too. A little different than rain barrels when you use a lot of water like I do.