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Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

I'm fascinated with the Furoshiki gift wrapping methods. It's so eco friendly. Imagine receiving all your gifts like this. All those lovely fabrics to reuse!

Here is a chart that shows the different techniques:

(to enlarge charge for easy viewing, click on it twice!)
And if that isn't as clear as mud, check out this video:

Looks easy, right? Those in the video are my favorites with the bag being the top dog!

What was your favorite? Have you ever given or received a gift wrapped furoshiki style?

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  1. Thanks! I'll be using gift wrap I already have this year (and possible next), but after that, I'm going to go green with it. This chart will come in helpful.

  2. Annie I am using some of my stockpile of gift wrap too. Not everything is appropriate for furoshiki, but I'll be using it whenever I can with some fabric from my stash. It's so fun!

  3. I do this all the time!! I love it. Here's a site I reference for wrapping: http://furoshiki.com/techniques/

  4. Thanks for the link Jill!