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Are you prepared for SHTF?

Are you prepared for SHTF?

What is SHTF do you ask?

It means "sh!t hits the fan" or an economic collapse. Many say 2012 will only get worse. So my friend, are you prepared?

I'm not prepared. I'm not a total fanatic about it, but I do think about it and have a few things stockpiled, but don't consider myself "prepared".

Anyway, I was searching for a video and ran across this one I wanted to share.

Do you consider yourself "prepared"? Do you have ANYTHING stockpiled in case of some sort of disaster whether it be personal or on a larger scale?

I wanna hear your thoughts.

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  1. I have a bit of stockpile but no where close to where i'd like to be if there is some kind of a disaster. :( We'll have pasta and rice and potatoes and some tomato sauces for few weeks but need to add more veggies and maybe do more chilli jars.

  2. wow. That was the best 1:58 I've spent in a long, long time sir ! THANKS.Seriously.