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Do You Save Rubber Bands?

Do you save and repurpose your rubber bands? I do. I use them for lots of different things around the house. Here are some of my favorites:

Use on tight clothing such as waist band on your pants tops or skirts. Loop the rubber band through the button hole and fasten to the button. This saved me during pregnancies to get a few more wears out of clothing.

Where's that straw? Wrap one around your spray can stuff (such as canned air, wd-40) and slide straw underneath.

Use to break-in a baseball glove by spraying glove with leather conditioner and then putting a ball in it and wrapping rubber bands around the whole glove. Let sit for a couple days till dry and shaped.

Wrap rubber bands around shampoo, conditioner bottles and shaving cream cans for slip proofing in the shower.

Winding tightly around a water hose or pipe can temporarily plug small holes.

Wrap a rubber band around the neck of pump style dispensers (such as lotion & soap) to limit the amount dispensed per pump.

Place a rubber band around each end of your chopping boards to prevent them from slipping and sliding around on you.

Wrap around the handle of your chopping knives to keep wet handles from slipping through your hand.

Place around the tops of jars and bottles for a better grip when twisting off lids.

Wrap around the handle of mixing spoons to prevent them from sliding into your bowls.

Place one on each end of your cake pan to secure that plastic lid that always falls off when traveling. Works great on casserole dish lids also.

Roll up partial bags of frozen veggies and secure with a rubber band. No more spilled bags in freezer.

Stretch a couple over paint cans (from top to bottom) to wipe paint brushes against. Paint will drip back down into the can instead of running down sides keeping the can clean and the lid removeable.

Share with me some of your favorite ways to re-use rubber bands?


  1. i never thought about it, but now i really want to start saving them

  2. >Wrap around the handle of mixing spoons to prevent them from sliding into your bowls.

    I have to try that idea...thanks. I don't have any great uses for rubber bands. I collect them, but rarely use them.

  3. Just to add an important point

    CUT your rubber bands before putting them in the garbage! They are killing wildlife when they get to them uncut!

    But it's good choice of not putting them in the garbage in the fisrt place! ;o)

  4. Even brand new ones smell bad to me, so I only save a few at a time and only if they are clean (not the inky ones that come on newspapers).

    I don't find I need them often, either, but I do follow your tip about wrapping one the neck of any pump style dispensers I may have.

  5. Something funny, as I was reading this, my son brought me the newspaper so that he could have the rubber band from it.

  6. Wow - I want to start saving them now.

  7. Love this! Gonna bookmark this page...

  8. I save them, but don't use them that much. Good tips!