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I have friends in low places...

and I love it!

I received a tip there was a dumpster full of pet supplies. It was a drive but I'm thinking it was worth it. What do you think? What would $400+ of FREE pet food do for your budget?

7 cases of Pedigree canned dog food
2 cases of wet cat food
4 jars of Milk Bone bacon & cheese treats
1 red soft side carrier
13 20-25lb bags of dry cat food (various brands)
11 40-50lb bags of dry dog food (various brands)
1 undercover mouse cat toy

ALL FOR FREE and I didnt even get dirty! lol
I LOVE dumpster diving!


  1. WOW!
    I want your friends!lolol
    It just boggles my mind WHY this stuff was put in a dumpster....goodness knows there are people or shelters that could use this stuff. Before a store or a person throws out perfectly good food, why don't they think?!?!

    That's some great dumpster diving. ;-)

  2. Did you check the food to make sure it wasn't part of a recall or anything like that. Remember when all those dogs got sick. As long as its good stuff---good for you!

  3. Wow! What a great tip you got!! I can't believe someone would throw all of that away if there's nothing wrong with it.

  4. slugmama I was told for them to donate it, there was too much red tape to go through. Crock of crap hugh? There are no kill shelters in our area that BEG for donations because that's the only money they run on. So sad.

    Wilson yes I questioned that. None of the food is a part of the recall.

    Annie & Lisa It's very cool for my budget! I was doing the happy dance!

    Laurie You would not believe what gets thrown away that could be donated to shelters. And not just animal shelters, homeless shelters, & women's shelters. It's unreal.

  5. Hi Lisa!
    What a HAUL! Do you have any tips for new dumpster divers? ;)

  6. Absolutely amazing find! I bet your critters will totally love that!

  7. Amazing! Very glad you were able to "rescue" this stash!

  8. Lindsay This particular haul came about because a store had a fire. Being the disposable society we are today... the insurance company came in and declared it a total loss. This means EVERYTHING good or bad, has to be thrown away. Sad hugh? The stuff we took was only one pickup load of stuff. There were MANY more pickup loads thrown away. It just really irks me that two miles down the road from this store is a no kill shelter that runs on donations alone. They desparately need these supplies/food. I just hope that my "tipster" was able to get a hold of someone there and they were able to "dive" some supplies/food also.

    Chicago They are pouting right now, They are not sure they like this new high dollar food! lol I told all of them tonight what I tell my kids when they don't like what I cook, "This is dinner, eat it or go to bed hungry" lol

    Jenny I am very blessed to receive such a haul. Sometimes it's hard to hound any good pet food deals around my area.

  9. That's a great tip you got! Why couldn't the store just put it out and call the shelter to come get it? I don't get the "red tape" excuse. Just give it to them instead of putting it in a dumpster. Oh well, at least your furbabies get it instead of it going in a landfill.