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A Frugal Spring Tablescape

I love setting a table. Making it pretty and inviting is a fun challenge for me. I feel it also makes the meal, no matter how simple, more appetizing. I'm love to layer a table setting.

Collecting items for various tablescapes doesn't have to break the bank. For me the hunt for something new is exciting, challenging and when found... rewarding. Check out my finds from earlier this week.

I found these plates at one of my favorite thrift stores for .67 each. The white luncheon plates are plain with no decoration making them very versatile. The bread plates are handpainted! Handpainted! I seen them and instantly loved them.

I used turquoise fabric, a yellow napkin, an orange runner and 2 turqoise napkins for my layers. All these came from several different thrift store trips and cost .47 to .99.

The flower vase and irish coffee mugs (who says they have to ONLY be used for coffee?) were a $1 each.

Fresh cut flowers are from my gardens which equals FREE! :)

The antique light sconce was a garage sale buy for $2. I really like the glow it throws on the table.

Yes, that's frozen grapes in my Tangerine Spritzer. They slowly rise to the top as they thaw. Fun to watch and kids love it!

This is one of my favorite brunches. Simple but so yummy!

To see some more beautiful tablescapes, visit Between Naps on The Porch's Tablescape Thursday Party. There are so many talented ladies you won't want to miss it!


  1. What time's lunch? It looks really nice!

  2. Great job! Love finding things at thrift stores to use on my tablescapes. That and the Dollar stores are life savers for me :)


  3. Your table looks terrific and that light/sconce is just incredible. What a great find it was. I, too love to find 'new to me' things. I tell everyone it's not buying junk, it's recycling! And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who puts frozen grapes in their drink. It IS fun.

  4. I enjoy simple foods too and love your sconce.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  5. Love the aqua, orange and yellow, so cheery. The best part, all the great deals you got on the plates and mugs.

  6. How pretty! I love how colorful and festive your table looks.

  7. Lovely table. All the colors compliment the pieces nicely. Dropping by from BNOTP, #1.


  8. Little Miss Muffin with an easy lunch such as this, anytime you can make it will be great! ;)

    Joanne I love dollar store items also! Love the price.

    GrannySue They can call it junking, but I agree, junking/recycling/repurposing is all good!

    Jan summertime=simple food to me. More time for thrifting/garage saleing!

    Mimi I'm glad to know someone else likes the color palette.

    dreamgoddess Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

    Alison thanks for stopping by. You showcased some great tables today also!

  9. Very nice! And great prices on the dishes!!

  10. Lovely table, very Springy! The brunch looks yummy, too. I love thrift store shopping, you get real bargains and such a variety! Great light fixture!
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I appreciate it!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  11. What a pretty corner of the world you have! Your table is delightful and your food looks delicious!

  12. Really colorful and lovely and the food looks great!

  13. Your table is absolutely gorgeous! It makes me
    want to join you! Happy Mother's Day Lisa!