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Lookie what I got FREE with my swagbucks!

Photoshop Elements! I've wanted this program for a long time but couldn't afford it until I bought it off Amazon with gift cards from Swagbucks!

What have you got FREE from Swagbucks?

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  1. oh, you are so lucky! but you deserve it.

  2. Maria I was lucky. The Amazon seller was a bookstore and the PSE was never opened/used. I can't wait to get it installed and play around with it.

  3. Very nice! I'd like to have one.

  4. That's exciting! Congratualations! I love those Swag Buck Amazon gift cards!

  5. Shelly now I just have to learn the program. haha
    Keep your eye out on Amazon for another one.

    Jamie Thanks, those gift cards have really came in handy.