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I'm insurance poor!

In just the last three years we have went from paying $200 a month for health, auto and home insurance to $500 for all three which now have higher deductibles on the car and health.

Shopping for insurance is a pain! Trying to compare apples to apples is near impossible.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I'm not endorsing this company or not endorsing it...just saying that when I checked around a year or so ago, Geico was the cheapest for our cars and home combined than any other company I could think of to contact. I have another friend here who said the same thing. Since you and I are in the same county, it might be worth checking into.

    I can't help with the health insurance, though. We get ours through Shane's union.

  2. No help here since I am paying more than that just for health insurance. The cheapest car insurance we found with the coverage wanted was Liberty Mutual. Same on the house insurance.

  3. I have nothing to add because in NJ my auto is twice that.... Tracy

  4. Um, we use esurance and they were the cheapest we could find when we moved from Texas to California. Everywhere else wanted double what we were paying in Texas and esurance didn't quite go as far up as most. We have used them before and didn't have any problems so we went with them. Hope that helps :)