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How long will it survive?

So much waste!

Do you recycle?
Do you consider packaging when making your purchases?


  1. I recycle. But beyond that, I just try not to buy anything.

  2. Nice commercial for Town and Country. Is it on TV?

    We recycle, we compost and we reuse what we can. That leaves is with just half a big trash bag of trash each week for T&C to pick up. The big bins set up here in town once a month go to T&C, I believe. I volunteer at those bins a couple of hours each month, helping people learn more about what can and can't go it.

    I also use the bins set up at the HS here, which take a few things that T&C doesn't. And the Ripple Glass bins for our glass items. Shane gets some scrap from job sites when he can (when he can get permission) and that is usually aluminum or copper, both quite lucrative right now. We take those, along with our alum. cans, to Langley in KC.

    Sometimes I take packaging into account when I buy things, but like Mark, I try to buy less overall. I also try to buy used. Used usually doesn't have much packaging. :)

  3. I recycle anything that is allowed to be recycled and compost anything else with very little going to waste; we don't buy anything "one time use" and try to avoid anything that comes in plastic packaging. In general we buy very little and only when it's absolutely necessary - not even when it's money-maker with coupons - if we can't use it then we don't buy it. We grow our own produce (with our own compost as fertilizer) to minimize carbon footprint of our food and shop in local farms for meats and eggs.

  4. Mark ditto here. I buy less and less. We recycle as much as we can either by repurposing or traditional recycling.

    Annie I wondered if you would catch that the trucks were t&c. I wish they were able to recycle more such as the glass. I take packaging into account more and more. I love buying used with no packaging. I also will buy floor models and most of the time you get a big discount because it's "out of the box"

    Jenny I can't say I NEVER buy one time use, but I've cut 95% of it out. There is still one more biggy that I am in the process of switching to "moon cloths", although I will never get this household to switch to "family cloths" instead of toilet paper. They are still pissy because I refuse to buy paper towels, napkins, paper plates/cups, etc.

    I'm hoping we can purchase a hog and side of beef before too long and that will help on our meat. We get fresh eggs that come in eggs cartons that others have donated to our supplier which I wash and reuse over and over. Some of the egg cartons are over 4 years old now!

    I could go on and on. As most of you know recycling and trash is what keeps a roof over my family's head. But I just don't understand the people who could recycle packaging just from their groceries and don't.

  5. I recycle everything that my town will take. I also am buying more foods that are not processed so less packaging.