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Isnt this Blog Layout Cute?

I love One Cute Blog's layouts. This one made me feel warm & fuzzy inside even though it's ONE degree outside with windchills even colder! We don't have any snow to deal with like so many of you are getting pounded with, just the cold air.

Back to the layouts though. She does great work and offers a lot of different layouts free. She will also do custom work and her prices are very reasonable. There is headers for some of her layouts as well.

Changing your blog layout to this type is EASY girls! I can never get the xml layouts/skins to work but with a couple easy and fast steps, I can change my blog layout using her backgrounds.

If you want to try one and need any help, let me know and I will help you.


  1. Haha very nice....so nice I actually nearly picked that one myself. Great minds think alike......BRRR it is cold here at my parents house...gotta love the midwest it's negative 12 degrees right now

  2. Cute. I want to change my blog background so bad. the problem is that when I find a cute one that I like and I go to change it the pop up comes up for widgets!!! I dont understand all that. The last time I changed my background I lost all my favorite bloggs!

  3. annie thanks annie!

    precious we can fix you up too!

    aj lol! when are you going to update that blog of yours girl! Enjoy your stay in the midwest.

    donna are you loosing your widgets when you switch to the required minima layout? These backgrounds ARE widgets is what make them nice.