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Frugal Photo Display-Repurposing Plastic CD Cases

Do you have a stash of cd cases laying around? Check this out.I love this idea! I've seen a couple other ideas to repurpose cd cases.  What's your favorite?

Frugal wall art!  For the instructions you can go here


  1. Love it, Lisa B.!
    I've seem people put photos of their kids in them and also put them on the wall. I wish I had the follow-up to do cool projects like this. m.

  2. That's cool! You could use the very same idea to make a big puzzle for toddlers.

    I like this idea for a garden cloche.

  3. Mark I've also seen kids' photos in them. I wish I had all the talent and follow up that lives with you!

    Annie I looked at the garden cloche. Another cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Colorado Girl Thanks for stopping by. Havn't seen you in a while.

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  5. Love that idea!


  6. Love this idea, love this deal!

  7. What a great idea! Love this. Thanks! You always inspire me!

  8. Creative idea -- I hate to toss out jewel cases, but I never know what to do with them. Problem solved. Thank you!