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$50 FREE Lowes Gift Cards

Here's a great offer for $50 FREE in Lowes Gift Cards! Free Sample Freak tells you how to get $50 in Lowes Gift Cards FREE! Ok, it will cost you $1 and a 5 minute phone call. But I felt if it was really this easy it would be worth it.

And guess what showed up in my mailbox last Thursday? Yep, 5 $10 Lowes gift cards. Yippeee!

So head over to Free Sample Freak and she'll tell you step by step what to do. Seriously, it's easy and now that I know it's still working I wanted to share with you.

The sign up is quick. You wait a couple days for two emails and then head to another link to request your gift cards. Once you receive them in the mail then you call and cancel the trial offer.

Thanks Brandie for the great deal!

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  1. Lisa ~ I went over to her blog and left a long message. Do you think the Lowe's card is still good even though the deadline is 10/10?
    Me is shakin' in my flip flops. Remember, I'm sick AND sleep deprived. What happens if I miscount the incoming emails or *Gasp* forget to cancel? Mahalo for the alert. If I make an offer on a house, this gc could be a gold mine!