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I need your help!

Some of us in Missouri are under a freeze warning tonight and I don't want to turn my furnace on!

Today it was quite chilly, but I still refused to turn the furnace on. Last year during the week I kept the thermostat at 63 degrees during the day and 68 in the evening and at night. On the weekends (when everyone was home) during the day was 66 and at night 68. Some of my extended family thinks I'm being too extreme. Do any of you do this?

Will you share with me in comments what you keep your thermostat at during the winter. Or if you would prefer, I've set up a poll to the left that you can vote on.

Thanks for your help.


  1. I would like to keep ours about 70. But, on the weekends, it usually goes up to 72 by DH. We keep it at 68 at night & during the weekedays when no one is home.

  2. I keep my thermostat 65 when I'm not at home, 70 when I'm at home morning/evening and 60 for the night because I like sleeping with colder air but I also have electric blanket (under comforter) to keep my body warm.

    - Jenny.

  3. CVSaddict what's with it with all the DH's insisting it be so warm? My DH would like to keep it at 72 also.

    Jenny I like cooler air at night also, but we like our bed warmed with our electric blanket. I know it sounds contradicting, but cooler air to breathe, but warm sheets against my skin! ;)

  4. Hmm. 65 during weekdays, 70 in evenings and weekends, 60 at night. DH complains of cold at night while wearing shorts/t-shirt! It helps if you dress for the weather. swaggs513

  5. Sarah Those DH's! I don't understand it. Last year my hubb's did the same thing. He's learned that no amount of complaining is going to raise the thermostat and this year has finally put some clothes on! :D

  6. I'm the cold one here! DBF is fine around 65, but I need 70 most of the time. Growing up, my parents kept the house at 75 year round and that's where I'm the most comfy. However, now that I'm paying the bill and gas heat is expensive, I try to keep it at 70 when I'm home and 65 when I'm gone. Going to add more insulation (have very little!) and a progammable thermostat soon.

  7. DH likes it cooler so we usually keep it around 68. Here in central Texas, the heater won't come on until Thanksgiving usually so it is not that bad. When we lived in CT, it would be about 68 during the day and 60 at night. Nice and cozy under the covers.

  8. I'm a little late to comment here, but we keep our programmable thermostat set at 68 when we're home and awake, and 55 when we sleep or whenever we are going to be away from home for 4 or more hours at at time.

    So far, with the same weather you've had, the lowest the temperature we've had in the house overnight has been 58. During the day if it's sunny (you do remember sunshine, don't you? LOL), it gets warm enough in the house that the furnace doesn't come on at all.

    I'm the one who gets cold here; 68 is just about as low as I can go unless I'm under the blankets.