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Look what hubby found.... MORELS!

Our first morels of 2011. Little grays.

There wasn't many, but mmmmmmmm, so good.

The sun is out today and we are hoping to find lots more tomorrow.

Have any of you found some?


  1. I have several books on mushrooms, but am too chicken to actually eat any of them. We do have morels, but I think we also have false morels also. waaaak, cluck, cluck cluck!

  2. very nice! our area is just starting to wake up but I'm looking forward to a good season. hopefully it will be very fruitful.

  3. Ian we also have false morels, but we've learned to identify the difference. Here in Missouri we have about 10 different kinds of mushrooms safe to eat!

    Jenny our area is just waking up also. I am really excited to find more and am hoping our hunts are fruitful also.

  4. Lisa,
    I just saw your hubby's houl and i'm drooling now :o) we dipped down to 40s again so will have to wait a bit longer to get good haul.

  5. Jenny Thursday night we were down in the 40's and hubby found the first few the very next day in between rain showers. He didn't have but a few minutes on his lunch to look. Yesterday the sun did come out but it didn't get real warm. Today the sun wasnt out until we got home from foraging. He kept telling me it still wasnt warm enough long enough. I kept telling him about others finding them in our area. We really didn't expect to find as many as we did today. Now the sun finally came out. I am hoping to go back to our honey hole tomorrow and find more!