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The Tomatoes are Growing Like Weeds!

I finally found time to repot my tomotoes. They were starting to get leggy. It was interesting to see how the different varieties grew differently. Three or four needed to be repotted once they were a couple inches tall; therefore they were laying over. Others were 6-8" tall and still growing straight and strong.

I bought a $1 pack of foam cups to use and used the remainder of my seed starting mix. I hope they do ok in it. I thought I had some potting mix when I started the project around 9pm last night. Almost all the 72 pods germinated, so I picked the best 26 to repot. That way I still have room for error and I'm hoping to get a dozen healthy plants to set in the garden.

Remember, when transplanting tomatoes-plant them DEEP; removing the first set of leaves and setting them up to the point you removed the leaves. They will shoot of roots all along the stem giving you a great root system.

Saturday it was so pretty here. I went out to work in the garden after work. I did some more cleaning of my beds and planted 24 potatos in two separate beds. I am growing Yukon Gold and a red variety that I can't remember the name right now.

Hubby planted some asparagus he picked up.  I need to do some more research on growing asparagus.  If you have any suggestions or tips for successful growing, please do share!!

To be successful at gardening you need to know when to plant what in your garden.  Here is a great calendar for zone 5.  If you are not in zone 5 check with your local extension office.  (click on photo to enlarge)

Reprinted with permission. Vegetable Garden Planting Guide, Kansas State University by Charles Marr, 1992


  1. All we did with our asparagus is find a permanent spot for it, stick it in the ground and leave it alone.

    Ok, we did water it a little the first year (not as much as we watered other veg) and at the end of each season, cut it back to just under the ground level, but that's about it. You'll get nothing the first year, a few spears the second year, then (supposedly) it will start producing decently the third year. We'll see. We have 8 plants and yesterday I counted 13 spears beginning to grow.

  2. I was planning to start asparagus this year. I was wondering how long it would take to produce. 3 years? Patience. ☺

  3. annie that's pretty much what we did. I do believe there were 8 crowns in the pack hubby bought.

    Colorado girl the type was a Giant Jersey Hybrid crowns that were two years old. You are supposed to be able to cut it the second year. Different varieties are different though

  4. Lisa,
    I have asparagus as well - we digged up pretty wide trench - placed few roots loosely and covered it with loose soil - don't compact it, as roots should have all that open underground room to spread. I had few shoots the same year and this year should have enough for at least couple of good meals. Good luck with yours!

  5. Jenny I don't think he dug the trench very wide, it was good size, hopefully since our soil is very loose they will do ok.

    I hope you post pics of yours before cutting this year!