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Monday Garden Harvest

3.25 lbs

Patience doesn't always pay off when it comes to gardening. I patiently waited for my beautiful looking broccoli to grow bigger and I about waited too late. It was on the verge of bolting when I went to cut it Sunday morning.

Things I learned this year about growing broccoli:
1) Keep the soil cool, the more mulch the better! Provide shade if possible by means of a row cover. Water frequently as well to cool soil down.
2) Broccoli is a cut and come again vegetable. Once the heads are harvested, side shoots will produce small heads that can be harvested.

1.75 lbs

The bunching green onions are still growing nicely as well as the yellow sweet candy onions. My son wanted to pull the yellow onions so I let him pull two. They are laying on the table to dry a couple of days.

7 lbs

Ever since we had some very high winds, my yukon potato plants have not looked good at all, being on the verge of dying. So we decided to see how well they were doing. We pulled 5 plants and had right at 7 pounds of potatoes.

All the potatoes planted in the "Build As They Grow" potato bins are growing and looking great. Some have started to flower.

The tomatoes are doing wonderful. I have two tomatoes on the 4th of July plants that have already started turning red. They should be ready to pick in a few days. The first tomatoes before June 15th? Unheard of around my garden.

My hot pepper plants do not look good at all. I will be searching for a couple more jalapeno plants today and hopefully can find them with some size to them.

My strawberries are growing great, just wish they would put on more strawberries!

Here is a picture of how dry it is here:

I may have to start pumping water from our pond to water my garden instead of from the hose. Water is expensive in my rural area.

How is your gardens growing?

Harvest Monday is sponsored by Daphne's Dandelions.

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  1. My garden needs RAIN, not the sprinkles of one drop every 6 inches that we got yesterday either!
    We don't grow broccoli, but our potatoes are ding well. We dig a hill as we need them. Later in the summer they will all be dug and carried into the basement. We are trying Brussel sprouts for the first time. I cut hope they survive.
    Have fun gardening, it's so rewarding.

    1. We had the exact same thing... one drop every 6 inches. I thought down south in Missouri they were getting more rain than that though.

  2. hi.
    where are you living? so dry!
    i live in sweden,Gothenburg.(göteborg)
    here we had rain for 2weeks! a week ago when my boyfriend was off work.when he went back to work,the sun was shining heavily!
    he was so mad!
    (a swede that blogs in american)

    1. Hi Annette, I live in Missouri. Parts of Missouri (northern part) has received more rain than where I am at in Missouri. My husband works outside also, in the rain, snow, sleet or very hot sun.

  3. Awesome harvest! So much potatoes and broccoli is wonderful and your onions are doing fantastic if they're that big! Mine are not even showing any bulb forming.

    1. Jenny I cant wait to harvest some of the potatoes from the "Build As You Grow" potato bins and see what's happening in them. I have onions in all different stages. Even some in my fridge waiting for a fall planting. :D

  4. No such thing as cool soil here so no broccoli :( but my onions are going to town! I think I'm getting close to harvesting the whole batch. My ground was cracked like yours in April. May gave us lots of showers so we're doing pretty good here overall.

    1. Tami hopefully we are just behind times and June will bring us some rain like May brought you.

      Onions have been fun to grow for us, they grow so fast!

  5. I missed my broccoli too but not for not picking soon enough. rather we were away and daughter got to pick and eat it.

    1. Marcia it's good someone enjoyed it and it didn't go to waste. I hate it when that happens!

  6. I wish I had your luck with the bunching onions! Half of mine went to seed before I realized what was going on!

    1. Thats what I'm afraid is going to happen to mine! I guess I really should go pull all of them.