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A Garden Harvest Surprise

I went out to the garden to harvest tomatoes and found this:

2 1/2 pounds of Okra! I hadn't been paying much attention to the okra because the plants are only about knee high and I've only seen a couple blooms. This is a new type of okra that I've never grown before. The feed store closed where I've always bought "Dwarf Okra" seed in bulk. This okra was a pre-packaged seed that said organic dwarf okra seed. The plants are definetly dward but the pods are not. I hope we like the taste of them!

I'm out of here, back to the garden to pick those tomatoes! It is supposed to get up to 106 degrees today. The upcoming week is supposed to be much much cooler, down in the 80's with 60's at night. I'm praying my garden will hold on till some much needed cooler weather. We even have a great chance of rain in the next couple of days. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. that's alot of okra! what do you do with it? i planted several this spring but they all died out on me.

    1. It can be washed, flash frozen on cookie sheets then bagged up for the freezer. We flour it and fry it. Not real healthy, but OH SO GOOD!