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Summer harvest

I'm hanging in there. We are in survival mode around here, trying to survive the heat.

It's still hot and dry around here, although we have gotten a couple VERY small rain showers in the last week. Any little bit helps.

My "old" apple tree isn't looking good at all. I was so excited that it was full of apples this year, but with the drought, the apples have not grown and they are small and hard. I am wondering what to do with them. The dwarf apple tree has received at least a once a week watering and the apples, though not abundant, are growing nicely.

The okra is doing ok. Nothing outstanding. The heat makes the pods "woody" even when picked young. We have enjoyed a few dinners with okra. I'm thinking it is also the type of okra I grew.

The cucumbers are slowly growing but very bitter right now due to the heat even though I have been watering the garden.

The jalapeno peppers and garden salsa peppers are doing great as well as the tomatoes. Oh the tomatoes could be doing better, but I'm still getting a good harvest. Sunday I harvested another approximately 20lbs. I need to get them weighed today when I process them. There were several that had BER and had to be thrown away.

The new strawberry plants and grape vines are doing good. We do water them since they are new plants this year.

The three new fruit trees also get watered and are hanging in there.

The heat this year has really affected my husband and I. One of the medications they have me on makes it hard for me to handle the high temps. I have to get out early in the morning to get anything accomplished which isn't for very long before I have to come in. Between working the long hours and keeping up with the things that must be done inside, it leaves me drained!

I was able to get the tomatoes weeded and some much needed staking done this weekend. I'm just trying to hold on for cooler weather and a vacation!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the heat and problem with the apple tree. We lost one of the plums because of lack of water this summer too :(

    1. Thanks Jenny. I hope we don't end up loosing the apple tree. It's very upseting thinking about it, since the tree is at least 10 years old if not older.

  2. Just take it easy. No killing yourself over all that.

    1. Thanks Mark. I've been trying to relax more but it's hard knowing I have so much to do.

  3. Everybody has had problems with the heat and no rain this year! It's killed off my lettuces and my tomatoes are stunted. I can't handle the heat anymore either....it's hell getting old.lol

    1. slugmama you hit the nail on the head..."it's hell getting old" I wanted to do some fall planting this year, but if the heat doesnt give and we don't start getting some rain, I'm not going to do it. It's been a hard year gardening.