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Suggestions & Ideas Wanted

I need some suggestions and ideas on how to repurpose this entertainment center.

I've had it sitting in the garage since I removed it from kiddo's bedroom two or three months ago. Hubby is tired of it being there and wants to throw it on the burn pile!

I was wanting to repurpose it for my studio/craft/sewing room that I am redoing.

Have any of you seen any ideas on the internet? The only thing I can find is how to make it into a kid's play kitchen.

I need some ideas and photos for inspiration before he makes me burn it!


  1. WOWWWWW I wish I had that hmmmmm what to do
    I would soooo use this as a closet in my kids room, I would put a clothing rod where the t.v. goes and use the bottom for shoes and maybe the top with baskets for socks undies, Then fashion a curtain across the T.V part. I might also paint it and use it for a pantry in a closet or just in a hallway, Say for towels or blankets. OH OH OH I got an even better one, With that big open spot in the bottom, I would once again attach this to the wall in the kids room, WHere the hole is for the tv cords, I would put up one of those cork boards or write on boards, Get a little chair or stool and have them use it for homeschooling or homework, You could really decorate to the child Boy/girl, Paint it or whatever, ohhhh the possiblities are endless. Good luck, Michelle frugalredneck.blogspot.com

  2. You can add shelves and make it into a pantry cabinet; or add a rod to become a closet. Add a light on the top and make it into small greenhouse for your seedlings. Lots of use for this type of cabinet.


  3. Lisa,

    This would make ann AWESOME work or storage station for your craft room! To make it into WORK space, add some wood to bring out the bottom of the big middle section for a 'table' you can set a chair up to.

    Cover the big hole in the back with a cork board to keep your inspiration picture and to do lists on.

    Find some baskets or old drawers to put in the space at the top for storage. Use the lower doored area for storage.

    And IF the sides will still be accessible from where you will be placing it, add some PEG BORAD (with 'spacers underneath, you don't want the peg board to be flush with the surface it's mounted to; leave room for hooks)

    OR on one side, look for those tall 'over the door' plastic coated wire shelf thingys to store small items in.

    Good luck with your treasure!


  4. Oh I just saw a post where she made an old beat up entertainment center in to a $1000 looking laundry storage thing It was nice. What ever you do paint it. Love your blog and now following wish I could remember where i saw that.

  5. I found it for ya! HTH


  6. WOW! You guys those are great ideas. Thanks for all the input. That has given me a lot of inspiration.