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A GREEN Fireplace Log?

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a fireplace to snuggle in front of, here's a better log for you! It's an idea that saves trees and utilizes a readily available product headed to the landfill.

Java Log! It's a clean-burning, planet-loving alternative to wood and Duraflame. Made from used coffee grounds collected from coffeehouses across the country (along with some soybean-based wax), the Java Log “burns better than wood, doesn’t have that chemical smell that most fake firelogs have, and is good for the environment,”

According to maker Jarden Home Brands of Muncie, Ind., the Java-Log diverts more than 20 million pounds of old coffee grounds from landfills and gives off a pleasant coffee aroma when it burns. The company also offers the Pine Mountain log, which combines sawdust and vegetable wax to make an all-natural log.

Both are available at www.pinemountainbrands.com, www.java-log.com, or at local Waldbaums or Walgreens stores.

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