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Secret Santa Postage Stamp Printable

Therapeutic Crafting has created a wonderful Santa Postage Stamp printable for us.

There are so many things you can do with this printable.  Here's some ideas:
Print and frame it for some holiday art
Print some on tags for Secret Santa gifts! 
Print on hang tags for other crafts and decorations. 

It would also be great printed on vinyl using a Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool if you have one.  One of these days I'll have one of these awesome craft tools! I've been trying to win one forever.  Or maybe they will ask me to do a review and giveaway. How cool would that be? 

To get the instructions for personal use and printing, please visit Therapeutic Crafting HERE.  This printable DOES HAVE RESTRICTIONS!  Please honor them and the owner.  Thanks Therapeutic Crafting for sharing!

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  1. Thanks for the feature. Your blog is cute. I am going to go spend some time looking through it:)

  2. Brenbren thanks for stopping by. I hope you do more wonderful printables for us! I'm working on creating one right now, but I really need to install my photoshop program I've had for 6 months sitting in the box. I know once it's installed I wont get anything else done for days until I have it figured out though. lol

  3. Thanks for the ideas Lisa!
    And thanks for stopping by my blogs.
    To answer your question, for my dog and blemishes I use the Purification oil blend instead of mixing different single oils.