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FREE Reusable Shopping Bag

The Green Bag Lady is offering one FREE reusable shopping bag to anyone who promises to use instead of paper or plastic. Here's her mission statement from her blog:

I am an artist. I make bags. I will give you a FREE handmade fabric bag if you promise to use it instead of paper or plastic. Each bag has a number in it, I will record your name, city and bag number on this site. The hope is to document the use of these bags all over Nashville and eventually the world. Send me your pictures, your stories, and your extra fabric. Let's start a revolution. . .one bag at a time!

Would you like a free bag?
Send me your address. Limit one per person, thanks!

There is no obligation except the promise that you will use it instead of paper or plastic!


I will fulfill requests if possible (e.g. favorite color, likes stripes, flowers, etc.). I use all different kinds of fabric. FYI, if you are requesting a bag to be mailed, the fabric will be lightweight (but still durable) to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Maybe you can be the first to request a bag from the Green Bag Lady for your state!


  1. Thanks for the plug Lisa.

    Someone emailed me today with the comment, "Go green or go home." I'm not sure what it means but it makes me smile! :)

    Teresa (aka Green Bag Lady)

  2. I knew either you or frugal would post this on your page after I put it on the board lol. And Teresa, you are awesome for doing what you do. I can't wait to send you some of the extra fabric I have!

  3. Thanks Lisa for posting this! I printed the pattern today. My mama will have to show me how to use her sewing machine before I can make one....it's been YEARS since I've used a machine---and I wasn't good at it then. I found lots of fabric to use for bags!

  4. This is awesome!!! THANK YOU!! this gal has a heart of GOLD!!