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Target and Wally World Shopping

I was planning on buying a new vaccuum. So when Target had a good one on sale with a $20 gift card I bought it.

Then I did the Cereal Deal. 5 boxes for $11, get a $5 gift card back. Also used 3 coupons for the mustard and soy sauce making them really cheap.

They had Hamburger, Tuna and Chicken Helpers on clearance for $1.27 a box. Scooped up 8 boxes, used 4 $1 off 2 coupons.

Target coupon used here was the buy 3 Johnson products receive $5 off. A small money maker. The cake mixes were on sale for .99 and I used two .50 off coupons.

More Free Johnson Buddy Bars, Bandaids and Cheap Toilet Paper. Used the buy 5 Johnson products get $5 off Target coupon. The Toilet paper was on sale for $3.99 minus the 2 $1 off coupons. Boy wonder can rest soundly tonite! lol

5 Free Cat Food bags with coupons. Saved over $11. YEAH!! My ferral kitties love this stuff.

Wally World
FREE Johnson Buddies, Ky Lube, Meow Mix cat food with coupons. Final cost was $1.20 for the pouch food I didnt have coupons for.

I need to use the rest of my Ky coupons. HEY! You can use Ky for a lot of things. lol. Just google it if you dont believe me!


  1. i was gonna tease you about that KY lol. I think i'll google it and see what OTHER uses there are. I've never used those coupons, because, well, you know. *scatters off to google*

  2. amiyrah you are just wanting an "excuse" to use those coupons. lol Who can pass up anything FREE even Ky? ;)

  3. Lots of other uses.....sure I believe you! Just kidding :-)

    Seriously, you did some great shopping!