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Fuel Tank Fire Burns Over 1 Million Gallons of Fuel

A lightning strike ignited a petroleum tank in Kansas City, Kan., sparking flames and billowing smoke that could be seen for miles.

The fire started about 7:30 p.m., Tuesday evening and continues to burn.

Magellan’s Kansas City, Kan., terminal handles commercial jet fuel, ethanol, diesel and various other types of fuel oil, according to the Magellan Midstream Partners LP Web site. This tank contained unleaded gasoline, according to a Magellan spokesman.

Some officials say it will have no impact on the price of gas in the metro area. We can only wait and see.

The facility is one of about 50 Magellan terminals that connect petroleum products pipelines throughout the Midwest, according to the company’s Web site.

As the fire burned in Kansa City, Kan., thunderstorms brought hail and flash-flooding to other areas throughout the metropolitan area.

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