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Lookie Lookie what I found at a local Caseys store! ANOTHER Coors rebate. See the department number 100840? Other rebaters say that as long as the department number is different it's considered a different rebate and you can and will get paid for them. Check out the next rebate Jamie from I Am A Money Magnet found!

Here is the $10 rebate that Jamie from I Am A Money Magnet found at her Wal-Mart. I havn't found this one yet. I still need to check my Wal-Mart.

The following two rebates are from the online forms you can print by clicking HERE.

So that is (2) $10 rebates and (2) $7.50 rebates. That's racking up some serious mulah people!

Please let me know if you find any that are different from these and where you found them.

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