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Decorating your home with trash

Decorating your home on a tight budget can still be rewarding and fun and best of all FREE!

Check out my latest finds from the trash. It amazes me what some people throw away!

This candelabra will be going in my foyer where the rest of my accents are black. I bought a bag of 12 tea lights for $1 at the Dollar Tree store.

When I seen this piece I snatched it up before my friend could grab it. It can be used two different ways. You can sit it on the floor, say for a fireplace screen or can be hung on the wall.

Then after getting it home I thought "I need 8 votive cups and candles for that sucker! I knew I could pick up a box of 4 candles for $1, but I didnt want to spend $1 a piece on the votive cups. So I hung it in the garage and have been keeping my eye out for some cheap votives.

I seen a garage sale and stopped by and guess what I found for .10 each? The gal had about 50 of them from her wedding reception she was getting rid of! So for a total of $2.80 I now have a candle screen for my fireplace.

Trash finds like this make me so happy! And hubby found a WONDERFUL piece yesterday for me that I can't wait to show you too. Spring is around the corner and people will be cleaning out basements, garages, and attics. I can't wait.

So tell me about your latest trash, thrift store, flea/antique market or garage/rummage sale finds.


  1. Those are amazing! If you ever get tired of them, just throw them my way!

    While Shane was home he had time to pick up a lot of things free from craigslist. In the last month, we've snagged some VERY good used carpeting for the room we're building in our basement, a nice baker's rack we'll also use for a mini-kitchen area in our basement, and all the canning jars we'll ever need in a variety of sizes. All for FREE!

  2. Annie Sounds like Shane has been busy in a good way... saving tons of money! I've been watching for carpet on craigs list and havnt seen any for free! dang it! lol

  3. Lisa,

    These are beautiful! Great baragain too!