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Become A Frugal Grocery Shopper

by Jenny's Mom

Is your pantry, 'fridge and freezer empty at the end of every week? Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck in grocery land?

Have you ever wondered why your favorite spaghetti sauce is $2.99 one week and then the very next week you see it's "on sale" for $2.49?

When you see the price drop that 50 cents that is the phantom sales price. The store knows that a certain number of people will fall for that ploy and buy it because they think they are saving money.

Patience is the name of the grocery game and you can save big bucks IF you get to know the sales cycles on your most bought items.

Come in a few weeks later and that $2.99 jar of spaghetti sauce is no longer $2.49, but is now at $1.99. This is the new lower phantom sales price… but it's not time to buy yet.

Wait longer (usually in the 10th-12th week) and it will probably hit the rock-bottom price of 2/$3 or even 10/$10 or .99 each. This is the rock-bottom price and you want to buy now.

When it hits rock-bottom price, use coupons and STOCK UP! Manufacturer coupons are free money! Expiration dates have a window of 4-12 weeks and that gives you plenty of time to wait out the sales cycles and you will be saving HUGE!

Learning the sales cycles (keep a price book) and adding coupons when rock-bottoms hit will slash your grocery budget and fill your pantry & freezer quickly.

Every time you reach for an item you have stockpiled at home you save money by not hopping in your car (less gas) and buying that item at the regular price or phantom price the store is hoping you will buy it at.

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