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Mail Call-- What did you find in your mailbox today?

Yesterday: I recvd the new Home Made Simple book of coupons. FREE Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse! And I recvd an envie in the mail from Dhunny with coupons for FREE cat food for my ferral babies. Inheriting 9 cats all of a sudden, in addition to the two I moved in to this home with, hasnt been easy. I only have three of the ferrals now, for a total of 5 cats. Pet food is on the rise, as well as everything else, so I really appreciated the coupons.

Today: I recvd the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash FREE sample that I posted on Friday Freebies a few weeks ago. I'm anxious to try this but was disappointed there was no coupon included to entice me to purchase the product. Also, today there was a mailer from Vocal Point. It was advertising the new Ford Flex. Included was a pack of FREE breath mints. I couldnt figure out how to open the container. Boy Wonder was able to figure it out and so I gave the mints to him. I would love to have one of the Ford Flex', but there just isnt the money in our budget for a new vehicle.

Did you receive any goodies in your mailbox today?


  1. I received B minuses for my classes in the mail today lol

    Not as great as freebies, but it sure perked up my day :oP

  2. nothing has been good in my mailbox lately. only bills :(

  3. You made out well- I got junk!

  4. I got a sample pack from Kotex and the pink grapefruit scrub!! I luv free samples!!