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I'm still alive....

School's out and I'm trying to adjust to having kiddo home with me. The real trick is to figure out how to keep a 12 year old boy occupied and interested in anything. lol

He keeps telling me "It's my summer break, I don't want to do anything!" Makes it hard when I have a lot of deals to chase!

But I was able to get him to go with me a few times.

He was amazed when we went to Walmart yesterday and the cashier told me my total was $77.59. I handed her my 43 coupons and after what seemed like foreva! She announced my total was $23.80. That's approximately a 70% savings! Here's what we "stole". lol

1 20 oz Pepsi to cool down the kiddo (not pictured)
1 case of Mt Dew (so I can face the world in the mornings haha)
19 16 oz bags of Purina Kitten Chow... ALL FREE (used coupons!)
48 cans of Mighty Dog dog food... of which 24 were FREE (used coupons!)

The mean assistant manager seen me with all my pet food and came over and watched the cashier ring up every single can and bag individually, and then enter each coupon (all 43 of them). I just kept smiling and talking to the cashier and we both ignored him. My son was hiding somewhere because he doesn't like it when I have confrontations with this man. Today the only thing he said was "Have a nice day" after the cashier and I was done. lol

Teddy, Suzie, P-nut, Lilly, Pam, Baby & Elvis wanted me to tell Shelly M., Lillie G. and all my other coupon buddies thank you for the pet food coupons. They really appreciate you sharing with them.

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  1. I'm glad I could help! I finally found the Kitten Chow at Wal-Mart after Vince and I finally used all the Qs at Kroger. Good thing I got some since Peaches brought her baby home tonight...at least it's 6 weeks old and won't have to be bottle-fed! Guess who's going to get fixed as soon as I can catch her??