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Product Review: Power Tools for Women=Black & Decker 18v Outdoor Tools

Power Tools for Women=Black & Decker 18v Outdoor Tools!

We've owned a Black & Decker 18v rechargeable battery operated drill for several years. I love it. I think I probably use it around the house for repairs, crafting etc. more than hubby does.

So when my Ryobi rechargeable weed eater/trimmer battery died and needed replaced, it only made sense to check into Black & Decker's line. That way all the batteries are interchangeable (as long as they are 18 volt).

I'm the one who does most of the weedeating/trimming here on our 5 acres. I wanted something fairly light, easy to replace the line, no extension cords to drag every where, and no start cord yanking or gas/oil mixing!

At Home Depot I chose the Black & Decker Cordless Grasshog Trimmer/Edger and I love it!

Hubby was very skeptical, but it was what I wanted, and it was Mother's Day. We also seen a chainsaw to go along with this 18v line and hubby said he thought it looked pretty neat and wouldn't mind having one of those.

The trimmer came with two interchangeabl 18V batteries. The instant start trigger means no more frustrating pull cords! With it being a Two-Tools-in-One it easily converts to edger to cut along sidewalks and driveways. It's lightweight, balanced, has an adjustable handle and telescoping shaft making it so versatile and comfortable to use.

The Automatic Feed Spool® System advances the cutting line as needed - no need to stop and bump. No more frustrating re-winding line.

Have I mentioned I love this trimmer?

So now I'm all caught up (well almost) on the trimming around the 5 acres. Last week when the storms blew through our area, it broke and blew over one of our bradford pear trees. It laid there all week because my hubby is working about 80-90 hours right now. I kept telling myself if I had a small enough chainsaw, boy wonder and I could get it chopped up for hubby.

Being so happy with my Black & Decker trimmer, I decided to try the Black & Decker 18v Chainsaw.

OMG! Talk about making some easy work of a big job! I had the tree cut up into manageable pieces within 30 minutes and fell in love with this little saw. The saw is so easy and fun to use.

There is no gas/oil mixing, no electrical cords to deal with, and most importantly no start cord to yank on. I HATE YANKING ON START CORDS! I've always been intimidated by chainsaws, but not any more!

Hubby gave me a two minute training on how to use it correctly and safety. Then boy wonder (my 12 year old son) wanted to try it. I gave him the same safety precautions, showed him how to use it correctly and he had no problem using it either.

I also trimmed up the remaining 5 trees and today I think I will cut what's remaining of the 6th one down!

Now that the 5 good trees are trimmed up properly, hubby can get under them when mowing and that means LESS WEEDEATING/TRIMMING for me. Do you see how that worked out ladies? lol

Next on my wish list is the garden cultivator. I'm wondering how well I would love it!

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  1. You are my Macho Woman hero! I should do more of the outdoor work, I suppose (and used to do more, when I was single), but as long as I have Shane around, I never make it a priority. Also, he's only working 40-50 hour weeks, not the double time plus your hubby is putting in right now. I'd have to pitch in outside more if Shane was working those hours.

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