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Frugal Gift Wrapping-Origami Boxes

I've always felt the wrapping of a gift is just as important as the gift itself. I believe that if you put thought into a gift the wrapping should show this also. The prettier the wrapper, the more exciting the gift.

I've been having some fun making origami boxes to wrap gifts in. I originally seen these

on Lorajean's Magazine and ran to get my roll of wallpaper. I had some trouble working with it though. It was sooo heavy I couldnt get good creases, so I pulled out my 12x12 scrapbook paper.

After making one I decided I wanted the lid to be shorter than the bottom, so I went googling and found Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Shhhh... Now you know where I've been spending my time. Here and in the kitchen baking. lol

I used Lorajean's instructions for my lids and Homemade Gifts to make the bottom of my boxes. Then finished decorating them with scraps of ribbon & shoe strings to tie them up and scrapbook paper to make tags. Oh the things I could do with a silhouette right about now! Maybe one of these days it'll be in the budget.

I made these boxes to hold some cookies that I made for my granddaughters. What do you think? Would you like to receive some cookies wrapped in a box like this or just a zip lock bag? Do you think the wrapping of a gift is important?

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  1. Those look great!! I think I might steal that idea to wrap some co-worker's presents in for Christmas. I think I am going to make the glitter ornaments this year, with their family's initial on it.

  2. I think those boxes you made are wonderful. There would be nothing more wonderful than homebaked cookies in those boxes! Great neighbor Christmas idea! Thanks for the idea and the site!

  3. Sarah, I've seen the glitter ornaments and think it would be a great idea!

    Precious I also thought I would deliver some goodies (probably different candies like fudge) to neighbors for Christmas in them.

  4. Lisa, I love the boxes! I got some great deals on scrapbbook paper last week at a yardsale so I may have to try it.

  5. Nice color combinations - I love that with this idea you don't need gift wrap! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Shelly you got scrapbook paper at a yardsale? Lucky Duck!

    Charissa Thank you and you're welcome! There are so many color combos we can do with these boxes... for so many occasions!

  7. My sister is an expert in this. She uses only items found at home for wrapping gifts. And they always look awesome.
    What is frugal living

  8. Parag some people have a knack for it! Thanks for stopping by.