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Making Pepper Vinegar

I picked the last of my peppers for the year. Then I had to decide what to do with them. I've so many in my freezer already. The year was a great growing year for me. The best ever actually.

I decided to make Pepper Vinegar to go with the jalapeno relish and cucumber sweet relish I made. I will put together a couple of gift baskets with one of each of the three, include some gourmet crackers and a bag of tortilla chips for two people in my family that like spicy goodies.

The vinegar was SIMPLE to make.

Wash your peppers, cut the tops off, cut them if need be so they will fit into your chosen bottle, and pour boiling vinegar into bottle. Let them sit in a dark cool place for at least two weeks to ripen and flavor vinegar.

The vinegar can be used to flavor soups, chilis, cooked greens such as spinach & collard greens, beans, gumbos, jambalayas and so much more!

If you would like a little more details on how to put your vinegar together, visit The Domestic Engineer. Even if you don't make the vinegar, her site is a great site, be sure to check it out!

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  1. I had to stop over and say the comment that you left on Annie's blog made me laugh really hard!
    Great idea, my hubs would love this!

  2. SonyaAnn glad I could make you laugh! Laughter is important! (and I'm still doing the happy dance! ;)

    And besides, you need to visit me more often! :D

  3. OK I have to be honest here, the Christmas count down is making me a bit nervous. I've been shopping but it's making feel as if I haven't done enough!
    Have a great week and I'm off to shop!