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What I've been up to....

I went to a NEW thrift store and found these. I love the little wine crock. I paid $5 for it. It doesn't have any chips or cracks in it. The inside looks like it's never been used. Now I just need to find a wine I like to drink. lol All of you know I love cloth napkins. This set of four were brand new with the tags on them. I paid .49 a piece!

My fridge magnets were looking tired. I collect bottle caps and decided to make these cool magnets out of some of them. The bottom three are some beers that were consumed here at the farm. Any time a new beer comes out, we have to try it and then I keep a couple of the caps. The top three are vintage unused bottle caps that I've had for years. They are cork lined! That tells you how old they are. A glue gun, some magnets and five minutes I had a new look on my fridge.

Here is my final harvest of my jalapeno and serrano peppers. I've been drying some of the jalapenos in the oven to grind into jalapeno powder. The serranos are just lying out on paper plates to dry. When I start grinding, I'll post more on them.

So what's been keeping you busy this week?

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  1. Those are some great finds. I hated wine for years until I found white zinfandel. I can even tolerate red wines now if they have just a touch of a fruity taste.

  2. You have been busy.
    I am currently trying to re-stock my cloth napkin collection.

    They are looking a little tired.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  3. Those are nice. I'd love to have you link them up at Trendy Treehouse


  4. Would that be the new thrift store in my town? :)

    I have those napkins! I bought some when we moved into this house and I guarantee I didn't pay 49¢ a piece for them. :o

    I like some kinds of wine but I don't drink it anymore because as often as not it will trigger a migraine. I usually don't have a problem with beer or hard liquor, though.

  5. Precious I like sweet fruity wine. I've never had a white that wasnt dry. I'm still looking.

    Laura I've bought all my cloth napkins at thrift stores. Over half of them have been brand new still with tags. I think people get them for gifts and send them off to the goodwill. lol

    Tara Thanks for stopping by! I'll check it out.

    Annie it would indeed! The price tag on those napkins said $2.99. I'm too cheap to pay $2.99 each for them. lol

  6. Lisa, Precious - try White Merlot (it's red in color but sweet and doesn't triger migrane) or if you really like very very sweet and fruity try white Muscatel.

    Lisa, love your peppers and the wine cooler. I'm all done with my garden for this year and will try to plant some hot peppers next year.

  7. Lisa - Moscato & Rieslings are both very sweet light wines. I LOVE them!! The Barefoot bottles can be purchased for about $5-6 at CVS when they are on sale.

  8. Jenny & Sarah Thanks for the wine suggestions. You guys are great!

  9. love the vintage bottle caps.
    for a red -- try shiraz. it's perfect -- not too sweet, not too dry

  10. Michelle I will put it on my list to try. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Sandy Thanks for stopping by!