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Tablescape Thursday-Kids' Halloween Dinner Party

I am hosting a Halloween Dinner Party for my kiddo and grandkids. The first thing my granddaughters want to eat when they hit my house is ramen noodles, and they have a blast using chop sticks to eat them.
So I pulled out my porcelain Himark Mandarin Oriental dinner set and added some Halloween flair to it. 
I seen some cute candlesticks in a Partylite book but didnt like the price and so I made these.  I had everything on hand except the two orange votives.
I love the little ghosties! lol

Each setting got a candy ring pop & eyeball bubble gum.

I used bat rings for chopstick rings.

And leaves for place cards. I picked these up at Dollar Tree for $1 a pack. I love them!

After Halloween is over, it will be easy to remove the Halloween decorations and still have a nice fall centerpiece.

As far as the menu, I will serve ramen noodles colored green for some Witch's Worm Soup.  That's all I got.  What's your ideas to go with it?  Maybe some kind of sandwich and a side.  I was thinking deviled egg eye balls, but come up empty for the sandwich.  Let me know what you suggest!


  1. So cute!!! You're making wonderful memories for the kids! So many fun ideas!!!

  2. Looks great! they are going to have a wonderful weekend! I love doing stuff like this with my girls. We're planning a Halloween party at my Mom's this weekend for them and my niece. :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. It looks great I'm sure the kids will love it. How about a witch cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches with?

  4. Alycia they are fun girls to have around! Thanks for stopping by.

    Jill Hope your party and weekend is great!

    hip-chick I don't have a witch cookie cutter but I have a bat! That's a great idea, thanks.

  5. these are all such great ideas, love the marshmallow ghosts. Such a beautiful table, those kids sure are lucky.

    My kids love ramen noodles too.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  6. how cute! Love those marshmallow ghosts! laurie

  7. This was adorable! I love the tablescape!

  8. Maria we had a great weekend. I hope your weekend included some fall fun too!

    Laurie thank you so much! I like the little ghosts so much I think I'm going to use large marshmellows for some! lol

    Precious thank you so much!

  9. What is it with kids and ramen noodles? All of my children love it too. Your table is so cute and I know the children will love it.

  10. Dreamgoddess I don't understand it either, and it seems to last until they are in college! lol