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Annoying Wally World Pop Up

I think I have finally gotten rid of what ever was causing the annoying Wal Mart pop up on my site.

If anyone is still experiencing this, please don't hesistate to let me know.


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  1. Marie Gilkey2/25/12, 11:52 PM

    Lisa, when u go towards hospital there in Butler, there is a store on the right side of road that sells plants, seeds, trees and whathaveyou that Mennonites run. Think its called Stop Light. It is right past Wilson Tire. The Amish store is southwest of Rich Hill out on PP Hiway. Go west on walnut through RH, right past cemetary is PP, turn left its between 2 or 3 miles out. their store is on the left side of road. Cant miss it. I live in RH and work parttime at our local quilt/fabric shop, Kountry Kin, right behind the Dollar Store. Let me know if I can help with anything else. Marie

  2. Marie thanks for the information! For some reason I was thinking there was also an Amish store outside of Butler. I know my aunt used to go to these stores but never found out where they were before she passed.