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How to Repurpose Tshirt into 5 strand Headband

I love repurposing tshirts, don't you?

Today I repurposed a tshirt into a 5 strand headband. It was pretty simple to do. The headbands are soft and perfect for anyone with tender heads!

For step by step instructions check out Make It and Love It.

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  1. I think those are so cool, but I have trouble wearing any headbands that are made like this (one big loop). They always slide back from my forehead and fall off the back of my head. LOL! I think I must have a weird shaped head or something.

  2. Annie dont feel bad, they do the same thing to me. I'm making mine to give away to sisters, and maybe my son's girlfriend.

  3. We made some scarves from old tee shirts and believe it or not they turned out. Who knew I could do anything crafty? I'll tell Anna about the headbands. She is the crafty one of us.