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Kitchen Gardening

Here's what I am trying to grow in my kitchen on the counter.

Basil.  I needed some fresh basil last week and had to buy "living" basil.  I stuck the left overs into a pot of dirt.  I've been watering it but it isn't looking good.  Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Celery!  I read in several different places that you could re-grow celery.  I think it was originally posted HERE.  After two days, I have a couple roots shooting out the bottom.  Very cool!

Onions!  I also have read about this in several different places. 

I'll post an update in a few days.  The celery is what I think will be really great if it works. 

Are you growing anything inside?  Have you tried growing any of the above?

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  1. I've grown the onions, and they grow easily. I have heard of the celery before, but it's not something we eat a lot of, so I haven't ever tried it.

    I don't do very well with herbs, especially indoors. I can grow basil outdoors, but others, like cilantro, just never seem to do well for me anywhere I try to grow them. :(

  2. I've grown onions without a problem and I did grow celery but............. I just ended up with a ton of leaves. I think it is because the IL/WI border is not the best climate for celery. But that said, the leaves worked great in salads.