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Thriftstore buys

I had a chance to go to a couple thrift stores last week.  I was looking for a blender to make the blender soap and I picked up a few of these for a buck a piece...

Wool sweaters.  I'm going to make felted soap

Here is a picture...

(pic courtesy of Pure N Simple Soap)

Have you made any felted soap or used it?  What other things have you been wanting to try felting?

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  1. I clicked on your link and saw that demonstration. Looks interesting. Will you post your results?

  2. I'd never heard of felting soap before. Pretty cool looking, but I'm not sure if I'd like it or not.

    A friend of mine buys the sweaters and makes felted mittens from them. I've thought about doing that, or making stuffed toys, but decided we don't need more of either of those around here. LOL!

  3. Mark I will!

    Annie I'm not sure if we will like it or not, but I'm going to try it.