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A Blog Award

Annie from Haphazard Homestead bestowed upon me this award today:

Thanks Annie! That was very thoughtful of you. Now it's my turn to pass this on to 15 bloggers. Here are the rules according to Annie:

Rules for accepting the award:

1) Thank the person and link to their page
2) Select 15 bloggers who you follow regularly or have recently discovered & share the award
3) Share 7 things about yourself
4) In their posts of acceptance have them include this set of rules
5) Let each blogger know they have been nominated by leaving a comment on their blogs.

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the chicken coop
The Prairie Homestead
Self Sustained Living

These are great blogs and I encourage you to become regular readers. At least visit them to say congrats and I sent ya!!

Now seven things about me...

1. I hate to shop for clothing, especially bras!
2. I've known my husband since I was 10 years old, our 21st anniversary is this year.
3. I have two sons and one grandson.
4. I love to play cards, dominoes and word games.
5. I do not drink coffee and rarely drink alcohol. I once (when I was much younger and dumber) got so drunk I couldnt find my way home driving the back roads. It wouldnt be so bad had I not lived in that small town all my life. Once I finally made it, I was so upset I vowed I would never get drunk again.
6. I have a problem throwing things away. I have to keep my hoarding tendencies in check or things could easily get out of control.
7. I love to watch football, baseball, hockey, cage fighting, bull riding, nascar racing but do not like basketball!

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  1. Congratulations! Its an beautiful thing, as Steven Taylor would say! lol

  2. I love your seven things list..we have a lot in common..lol Thank you for including my blog to receive this award. :)

  3. Thank you so much for thinking of me! Great way to start the day:) Happy 21st Anniversary.

    1. Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes!

  4. Thanks for taking the tag! I have a question for you. If you don't drink coffee, what did you have the day we met at the coffee shop? I'm sure I had coffee, but maybe you had tea?

    1. Good grief how am I supposed to remember that? lol IF I wasnt drinking a soda (, then yes I was drinking tea. I will drink one of those Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha iced coffees once in a while. Is those considered coffee?

  5. Thanks so much Lisa, you are the bestest. I'm honored to receive this award and I will post it proudly on my side bar when I get back from vacation in two weeks. Congratulations on you receving it too. It's awesome that you've known your husband almost all your life. I love playing card games too and watching sports on tv with my husband like soccer and basketball.

    Thanks again, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I hope you have a great vacation!

  6. Lisa,
    Thank you so much! I'm honored that you would include me in your list of favorite blogs! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Amy I hope you have a great week and look forward to visiting your site.