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Orchard Update

I'm watching the apple trees closely this year. I'm hoping they have progressed far enough that there is no need to worry about frost. Just a few days ago these little apples were beautiful apple blossoms.

Last year we lost our peach tree and three years ago we lost our plum tree. Our orchard wasn't growing, it was sliding the other way so Saturday I purchased another self pollinating plum. It is a Sweet August. The tag toots it produces the sweetest fruit you will ever try. It is larger, firmer, sweeter, more productive and less acidic than Santa Rosa. We shall see. I hope I can add another peach tree this year as well.

I was able to cut some lettuce! This type is called mixed salad greens. It grows very easily, just not sure if I like all of the different types without mixing it with regular leaf lettuce.

How is your orchards doing? What type of trees do you successfully grow? Anyone have a suggestion for a peach?

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  1. Love it! Just make sure to remove all fruit from first 3 years of tree's after transplant or they'll die off. That's how we lost our peach and nectarine - we didn't know that if they produce fruit that takes away from developing root system and can kill it. We also have 3 apples but they're too young to produce - only 2 yrs old; and there are two plums that were there for over a year each and we just added one more plum; we have 2 cherry trees - this is their 3rd year so I hope next year will be good for harvest - this year we'll keep couple of cherries just to try them on taste. This year I also added figs, persimon and will add another white peach and hope they'll survive. I don't know if it's part of the orchard but I also have two carpatian walnuts planted this year and white mulberry. Other fruit bushes we have black gold and red raspberries, blackberries, blueberris, grapes, strawberries and I will add red currants once they arrive. :)

    Can you say how much I love my fruit :)

  2. Jenny what about grape vines?

    1. as far as i know i'm supposed to remove grapes from newly planted vines for at least first 2 years. 3 year you can allow one bunch to try :)