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Weekend Gardening Update

Saturday when I got up I made another batch of blender soap.  Here it is right after unmolding.  I'm trying to perfect my soap "recipe".  I want a good moisturizing soap.  I add no dyes or perfumes because of allergies.

Today I planted some petunias in pots by the front door.  I love my rusty birdhouse!

Then I cleaned and started up the pump on the koi pond in front.  I only have one koi left in this pond.  I will have to get a couple more.  There is a striped frog that has moved in.  We played cat and mouse all day.  I would walk by without my camera and he would be there.  I would walk by with it, and he would be hiding.  I'll get picture of him one of these mornings.

The bleeding heart is in bloom.  It is always so pretty in the spring, but is short lived.

Then I moved to the garden.  I worked on weeding the carrots and didnt get far at all.  It is very time consuming and tedious. 

Boy wonder and hubby made three potato boxes and I got the last of the potatoes planted.  I'm using the "build as you grow potato bins" method. 

Hubby planted five tomato plants against my better judgement.  I never plant tomatoes in the garden before Mother's Day.  I'm sure I will have to cover them a couple times between now and then to protect from a frost.  I do plant tomatoes in pots on the deck earlier and planted four today. 

Then for supper we had some foraged wild asparagus hubby and boy wonder found yesterday. 

It was sooooo yummy!  Nice and tender, not tough like the stuff you buy in the stores. 

So what did you do this weekend?

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  1. Awesome find on asparagus - wish we had it here in the area too. I did plant additional dozen or so roots so hopefully in couple of years I'll have enough. Love your koi pond - it's something that Peter really wants to have himself but it's on a backburner as we have too many things to do too. And I agree on tomatoes - if it goes below 48 they'll die out :( At least the ones in patio containers can be moved inside. Can't wait to see how your potatoes turn out. :)

    1. Here where I live as long as it doesnt frost they survive. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

      I enjoy sitting on the porch listening to the waterfall and watching the fish play. Cool.

  2. Let us know how the potatoes grow in those expandable boxes. This year we dug trenches and planted the potatoes in them, and will fill them with soil/compost/straw as the plants grow, until they are eventually mounds instead of trenches.

    Do you really think there will be another frost this spring? I know it COULD happen, but I don't think it will. We haven't planted any of our tomatoes in the ground yet (they are still in their starter pots), but we found about a dozen volunteers coming up in the peas yesterday!

    I have read of tomato plants surviving temps as low as 33 degrees, as long as they warm up during the day and that it doesn't get that low night, after night, after night. I could be wrong (and I'm not trying to be contrary), but I've never heard they'll die off at temps below 48-50, but I have heard/read it will slow their growth until they warm up again. If you're worried about the upcoming overnight lows that are supposed to be in the 40s, I think you could probably just cloche the plants your husband put in with a milk jug or similar cover and they'll be alright.

    1. It was such a warm winter, I'm hoping there won't be another frost but if they call for one I'll be sure to cover with buckets. It's always the unexpected frost that gets my garden. It's been a long time so I'm due for one. Keep your fingers crossed it don't happen.

  3. Nothing better then home made soap! Good luck with your garden :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I agree, now that I've made it and used it... there is nothing better.

  4. Any idea what kind of asparagus it was? I would love to plant some in our garden, but the variety really does make a difference and of course all seed packets want to tell you they are the best!