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19 Survey Sites That REALLY Pay by HotCouponWorld

Want to make some extra money by completing surveys but don't know which companies are legit and actually pay you?

Hotcouponworld has done all the research for us and compiled a list of 19 survey sites that are : FREE, legit, pay out, little or no spam, and a good way to earn extra money.

Check it out: Hotcouponworld's 19 Survey Sites That Pay

If you are worried about spam, here's a tip... Make a new email address just for doing surveys. (Although it's been reported that these legit sites have very little spam.) Use one of the free email providers such as yahoo, gmail, or hotmail. For example: LisaBsurveys@gmail.com Use this email when signing up on the survey sites.


  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for adding the link and widget for Hudson! How did you get it on your sidebar?

  2. I went into my blog layout, added a html gadget and pasted the code there. I can email you the code if you would like.

  3. I've got it now...it was the html part that was confuses me. Thanks!

  4. Nice list! Thanks for posting.