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BEWARE! CyberCriminals now targeting Coupon Users...

Watch all emails you receive in regards to printable coupons. Do not rely upon your anti-virus program. Gary Warner states, "Don't rely on your Anti-Virus software, rely on being a smart Internet user."

At the time of the post, there were only 9 of 39 programs detecting these virus'. AVG, McAfee, Symantec, or TrendMicro were among the programs THAT WERE NOT AWARE or detecting this as of yesterday. They may be today, I dont know.

Read this short post by Gary Warner for more details. Watch out for Coupon offers from CyberCriminials

edited to add: Ginger from AdLibCorner received an email from Amy Bergin of The Couponizer. Please go over to HERE and read Amy's email so you understand what has happened to her, her company and website.

We must help Amy protect her name and her company!

The more we stick together and educate people, the better the couponing community will be.


  1. Some people (the ones who create the viruses) have no life, and I sure don't understand what they get out of trashing someone's computer. This kind of stuff is evil just like the anons in the world that cannot come out from hiding behind a computer. Thanks for making us aware.

  2. Thank you for posting this - I never would have imagined that someone would target a virus at IP coupon users.

  3. Thanks for the warning Lisa! THe last thing I want to do is ruin my brand new computer!

  4. Thanks for linking to me Lisa. I hope other bloggers will post about this or link to one of us who has written an article about it.

    Since we don't have the mindset of these low life scumbags (can't tell I'm ticked now can you?) we'll never understand why they do such things. I think they must get off on the fall out and ruckus they cause. On the one hand we have to tell others to protect them and on the other, it must feed the beast that created the mess.

    Thanks again!